7 Ways To Ground Yourself When You’re Struggling With Motivation

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Many people do not realize just how important staying grounded is. Being grounded simply just means being present, mindful, and at home. There is no need to feel “aloof” all the time.

Feeling “aloof” can cause people to be:




Many people take on the energy of their surroundings. This can cause them to be unaware of what energy is their own and which energy they have inherited from someone else. Regularly practicing grounding tasks helps to ensure that we are present in our own energy.

Here are my 7 best ways to stay grounded:

1. Spend time in nature.

Spending time in nature allows you to be connected to Mother Earth and, therefore, stay grounded in your earthly home.

2. Walk around barefoot.

Walking around barefoot allows you to be connected to the Earth and your roots.

3. Do yoga.

Doing yoga helps you to get comfortable in your own body and know your own energy as well as be mindful of your breathing.

4. Pay attention to the color red.

Paying attention to the color red is helpful because it is the color of the root chakra. The chakra of grounding. Wearing the color red helps too.

5. Practice meditation.

Practicing meditation is great for focusing on connecting to your present self and becoming mindful.

6. Adopt a grounding stone.

Adopting a grounding stone can make a huge difference. There are many stones that are good for grounding. Be mindful of the stone(s) that call out to you. Some grounding stones include Hematite, Black Tourmaline, and Black Onyx.

7. Journal about the present.

Journaling about the present can be so powerful. It is important to stay in the highest vibrations while journaling. This can be a grounding exercise because it helps to embrace the “here and now” while embracing your earthly home. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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