7 Surprising Ways We Manifest A Sense Of Lack

A woman sitting with her chin on her hands
Ben White / Unsplash

If you believe that your energy creates your reality, how much are you paying attention to the ways that you manifest energy of lack? Below I have listed 7 ways that we humans tend to manifest lack.

1. Desperately trying to save money

We have all been taught to save. However, when we always budget, save, and limit ourselves, we are most definitely getting into the energy of lack.

2. Being too greedy

On the other side of the spectrum, if we are not content with what we have. That is, we are ungrateful and never happy. We are most definitely in the energy of lack. If we are spending like everything is going out of style. Balance is so important.

3. Focusing only on the absence of what we want

It is completely advised to want things. It is only natural. However, we must make sure that when we want things, we are focusing on them and how beautiful they are. Not the absence of them or how they are not yet in existence.

4. Taking money way too seriously

If we treat money as something we have to be cautious around instead of our friend, we are only allowing money to be limited. Many times we panic and feel that all our money is going, going, gone and then is it not? Remember there is always more money and there always will be more money. You must believe that you have access to it all.

5. Worrying and trying to control

There is probably nothing that puts you into an energy of lack more than worrying and trying to control everything. You will definitely feel lack when you realize that controlling things is just simply not possible. All that you can control is your energy.

6. Depriving yourself

When we are carefully watching what we buy for ourselves and what we are eating, we are definitely getting into the energy of lack. What most people do not realize is that they must maintain balance. Instead of cutting all bad foods and spending money only on necessary things, why not just balance both extremes? This way no one is in that energy of deprivation and lack. That is, wanting something that you are not allowing yourself to have. This is the biggest thing I have seen that keeps people from getting what they truly want.

7. Fasting

Many spiritual souls believe that fasting is a great way to be closer to Higher Power. It may be simply because it can allow us to be in a different and more open energy. However, what we often do not realize is that it definitely puts us into a deep energy of lack. Perhaps this lack is followed by extreme indulgence which is another form of lack. TC mark

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