An Open Letter Written With Love To The Bullied, To The Bruised, To The Lonely

image - Flickr / Meagan
image – Flickr / Meagan

To anyone that is ever feeling lost, who is ever feeling alone, upset, insignificant or not good enough, I want you to know I’m here.

You might not know me, but I’m here and I care about you. With every name you’re called, every rush of worthlessness you may feel, my heart bleeds for you.

But the good news is, I know you’ll get through it. It will take years and it will be the hardest thing you’ll probably face, but you will get through it.

You’re stronger than you will ever know and you don’t deserve to be treated the way you’re being treated. Never for a second, not a single second think that you do deserve it or there’s something wrong with you and you’re in some way at fault, because you aren’t. You are perfect in a way those people will never understand, more beautiful than what is captured in a fragile mirror. Mirrors break, beauty fades but what you have is courage.

All my fellow nerds and dorks, eccentrics and shy guys, those that think they aren’t pretty enough or cool enough, the loners and the misfits and the ones that don’t fall under any stereotype. You are enough – you’re more than enough.

What you’re going through now isn’t forever, I can’t lie, it will feel like forever and even once the bullying stops it will still stay with you. You’ll still feel anxious and awkward, stuck in the past some days, but it slowly disappears with time, believe me. You’ll meet the greatest friends that will stick by you through thick and thin, you’ll meet the love of your life (or several loves of your life) you’ll travel and you’ll work a lot of shitty jobs and with each day you’ll feel a little lighter.

But for what you’re going through right now, know I’m here and thousands upon thousands of other people just like me are around you and they care about you and love you so much. No matter how small or petty the issue may seem, we will listen. Remember to never compare your experience to anyone else’s; don’t blame yourself for how you’re feeling because if you feel it, it’s valid.

Physical bullying, cyber bullying, psychological bullying, verbal bullying, exclusion and manipulation all take their toll and all create what feels like irrevocable bruising in your center. It’s time to start caring about each other again, it’s time to stop bullying. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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