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I Will Always Hold Space For You

You changed me, you know that? I didn’t realize it at the time, but I experienced such unique and amazing revelations with you that will stay with me for a long, long time.

I learned how to be grateful with you. I learned how to appreciate every moment with you, no matter if it was extraordinary or mundane. I learned how to value the time that we spent together, even though I knew that it was limited. I learned how to cherish every conversation and every story that we shared, even though I knew that the deeper I fell for you, the more I would hurt when we parted ways. Because I knew that we would part ways.

I learned how worthy I am because of you. I learned that I deserved to have my emotional needs met. I learned that I wanted to have someone who chose me the same way that I chose you. I learned that I am inherently valuable and lovable, and that I don’t need external validation from anyone to feel good about myself. I learned that as much as I wanted our relationship to continue, I wouldn’t have been better off because of it. So, thank you for parting ways.

I learned that certain people can be genuinely incredible people, but not the right people. I learned that it’s possible to deeply care about someone yet realize that the best step for both parties is to let go of each other. I learned that I can’t make someone who isn’t ready or willing be ready or willing. I think that we both had the same realization, because that was when we parted ways.

Yet I will always hold space for you. I wouldn’t have learned these lessons with anyone else. I may have learned similar lessons, but not these specific lessons. I’m a greater person today because of them.

Yes, I will always hold space for you.

Justin is a physical therapist-turned-writer based in Chicago, IL.

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