I Voted Third Party In This Election. Does That Make You Angry?

Flickr / Gage Skidmore
Flickr / Gage Skidmore

If it does, then why? I have the right to vote for the person I see best fit to run this country as commander-in-chief. So do you.

I’m not angry that you voted for Trump. I’m not angry that you voted for Clinton. That was your decision as this was mine. Yes, I disagree with your choice in candidate. Yes, I knew that voting for a third party was a long shot. Yes, I had an idea that third party votes may take away votes from one candidate or the other. But none of that matters. I thought long and hard about all of these issues and more. I consciously (and proudly) voted for the candidate I thought could do some good in this country.

Did you? Did you vote for the person you thought would make this country better? If you did, then I applaud you and you should feel proud about your decision.

That being said, the point of all of this is, the vote was mine to make. The vote was yours to make. We all get one vote. Do what you will with yours as I will with mine; but DO NOT get angry with me about MY third party vote.

How about, instead, we work towards making this country better? Why not use these next four years to get your views out there? How about you run for office yourself? Who knows, maybe, if I agree with your stance, I’ll vote for you. But don’t be angry at your fellow Americans.

We are all given a single vote so that we vote our conscience. I did my part. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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