Read This When You Become Tired Of Waiting For Your Forever Person

Talgat Baizrahmanov
Talgat Baizrahmanov

We sat on the sofa watching Wedding Crashers on the big screen. It’s that scene where Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams are standing on the balcony.

“What’s true love?” Claire asks.

John responds, “True love is your soul’s recognition of its counterpoint in another.”

I spoke the words out loud along with him, and then my friend laughed in my direction. “This is why you don’t have a girlfriend, Justin!” she joked.

I laughed, too. “Shut up.”

This piece carries both the will and torment of all those souls still waiting for the one. It’s taken longer than you’ve thought.

You decide it’s probably a good thing. It’s given you time to discover yourself and make some sort of footprint on this world.

Still, you can’t help but wonder . . . Where is this person? When are they getting here?

I spent much of my early life searching for you, but you weren’t there. I decided there must be something wrong with me. For some reason, I was keeping you away.

They say another person can never fill your void. I’ve thought about this a lot. You cannot love another if you cannot love yourself. I decided this was probably true and I slowly learned to accept myself. In hindsight, how could I not? There was only ever me, and I’d have gone mad if I hadn’t eventually.

I continued my search with more enthusiasm than ever. Still, you did not come. I pondered on your absence. Perhaps there was more for me to do. Or perhaps you weren’t ready.

So I waited longer. I focused on whatever was in front of me. I would find my purpose, my truth, my why. I would stop searching for you because you would show up on your own accord.

Serendipitous love only works when you’re looking the other way.

I still hear voices in my head. Put more effort in your search. Show up to places even when you don’t want to. Proclaim to the world your desire. I do not listen. My gut feeling tells me different. My intuition has my road all planned out; it’s exciting enough as it is.

We’ll likely meet on the most unexpected of days. No matter when or where, I’ll be ready.

I’ll love you entirely, but give you your space. I’ll listen with full attention, but seek out the best in you. I’ll fight hard to be everything you need without sacrificing me.

I’ll show you sides of me I’ve never shown anyone. I’ll let you into my strange, strange world and you can let me into yours. I want to see the real you. I can’t wait to discover your imperfections and learn to love them, too.

I believe that I don’t need you. It doesn’t mean I don’t want you. I want you more than anything. I am meant to love.

It’s a gift I’ve kept inside me for too long. It’s my strength and it’s meant to be shared.

If we never meet, I’ll be okay. I’ll mourn the absence of everything you are, but I’ll still make the best of this world. I’ll get far no matter what, but our potential will remain hidden, like a diamond shining brightly at the bottom of the sea.

The diamond is beautiful no matter what, but we both know it’s more beautiful on you. TC mark


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