This Is Why You Have To Believe In Love

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Our lives are decided based on the decisions we make, where we only regret the chances we didn’t take, the choice we didn’t make, the opportunities we didn’t seize, and the waters we didn’t thread. The beauty of it though is life allows us more than one chance, a chance to make right of every wrong and to make every day count.

So here’s for those who choose to love again in spite of all the hurt and trauma, for choosing to be brave and wake up every morning not knowing what’s in store but still gets up and face the world. You may be breaking inside but know that the pain is only temporary.

Here’s to the old souls who love to give love letters and chocolates and dates under a starry sky another shot, while listening to 80s or 90s romance music. We allow our lives and stories to be captured in fading polaroids and lay out our hearts in old grainy films to be played in large white screens.

Here’s to the hopeless romantics who love to bury their noses on pages of Emily Bronte, Jane Austen, E. L. James, Stephanie Perkins, Nicholas Sparks and Charles Dickens; for loving wholeheartedly and not expecting anything but utmost loyalty and honesty.

The world needs more of you.

In this world full of temporary feelings and fake emotions, stand out and be real.

We choose love above indifference and hate because it’s what powers us. We believe in the power of love and we believe it can heal us from the pain. We ignore the negative connotations in love because we always see what’s good and pin our hopes in it. We believe in love’s driving force and how it somehow empowers us to be a better person, better than who we were before.

So take a risk, make a choice, seize the moment and thread those waters.

Love can make or break us but if it’s worth fighting for, what else can you lose?

If love is worth fighting for, imagine the what-could-bes instead of the what ifs. If love is worth fighting for, make a decision to believe in it. TC mark

The world broke me to pieces. I’m here tell you all about it.

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