Please Fall In Love With Me

Allef Vinicius
Allef Vinicius

Please fall in love, listen to what I’ve got to say because I’ve got lots. I can tell you stories on the days I felt most infinite. Those days when I went to my first concert and it felt like bliss listening to my favorite artist sing live; on when I was in my last part of college practicum, I had to live with my friends far from our hometown but it was our best days together because we made our own home with each other; like when I finally got my license and was able to drive around without a guardian; or those moment I am with my family and we just talk and have fun and be a family.

Please fall in love with me
, know what I love and hate. I can tell you on how I love dogs but they still scare me a little; on how I try to pet most dogs and cats but when they climb to my lap, I just cringe and try not to move because they tickle me; know that I absolutely love chocolates but I despise nuts in it; learn that I have lots of artists in my playlist because I love music but I hate how I can’t play any instruments or sing; know that I love books and I have been a reader since I can remember.

Please fall in love with me, learn what scares me. Know that I hate being alone in the dark and I get anxious when I am in it; that I’m not scared of heights but I’m scared of falling and dying; that I love my family and friends so much, they became my strength and weakness; that even though I may look tough and driven, I’m actually tricking myself and I’m such a scaredy cat that cries for the comfort of my haven every night.

Please fall in love with me
, see right through my face. I do not want to be seen just because of my mask because I am more than that. I have my weaknesses, my flaws, and I am not a beautiful person you make me to be. I am the ocean for I am deep and stormy at most; calm and serene at times. I can’t stay at one place for I believe humans should leave to find their home and I am at task of finding a place where I can build mine.

So, please fall in love with me.

Please see my most broken parts and pick up the shards.

Please learn what I have been through before that made me this way.

Please love me.

Please do not fall in love with your idea of me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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