Why He Doesn’t Call Or Text You Back: He’s Just Not That Into You


Most women and gay men have spoken to other men who have complemented their lives – perhaps leading up to an 8 p.m. movie, pad thai, and sloppy kisses in the back seat. However, we are all aware of the tendencies of a man’s harsh indifference and indecisiveness. I suppose that it has become this universal genetic trait of the male population: to show keen interest towards someone until their attention span expires and they chase after someone else to their liking.

Men would create these patterns of late-night phone calls, cheap dates, and suddenly disappear the next morning. So you mope around for a day or two, drag on with your charity work and studies, and have mini-heart attacks for every vibrated notification you get. It makes you want to fling your phone in the Pacific Ocean.

So you make excuses in your head on his behalf:

Maybe he’s busy.

Maybe he lost his phone.

Maybe he got in a car accident.

What if a truck hit him? Oh god, what if he died?

Just kidding.

But really, we’re all guilty of excusing a man’s silence after what appeared to be “an amazing date.”

It’s mind-boggling how easily they can propel their feelings right into oblivion.

Now, I can easily say, “Forget him, he’s not worth it!” but I won’t do that.

However, what I can do is provide some potential answers from his lack of closure:

Men don’t text or call you back because of their gradual decay of interest.

Your intentions and his did not line up and he felt the need to invest his time on someone he sees a future with.

Maybe he’s looking for a booty call or a security blanket and you’re looking for a serious thing.

Maybe he’s a bottom too.

Maybe he’s just not ready and is completely hung up by his past — disregarding whatever future he could potentially have with you.

Maybe he’s just not as into you as you thought he was.

Whatever the reason is, no need to dwell.

Keep your pretty head up high and don’t think about men who wouldn’t think twice about you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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