Here Is Why The Strong, Introverted Empath Always Ends Up With The Extroverted, Narcissistic Fuckboy

Hello my name is June and as you know, I am an introverted extrovert.

It hasn’t been easy for me thus far in life – you see, I’m deeper than most other people I know which makes it difficult for me to find love. On top of all of that, I am an empath! That means I’m much more sensitive than other people and I am easily overwhelmed by the power of my own emotions. But when I do find love, it is almost always with a narcissistic fuckboy! What’s up with that? Am I right, my fellow women?

Oh, sorry – for those of you who aren’t as well-read as I am, I’ll explain what all of these intellectual terms mean. A narcissist is a guy who just won’t text you back, even when you’re finally opening your fragile heart up to him (and you’re guarded! It’s not like that’s something that’s easy for you to do). A fuckboy is someone who goes on a date with you but still doesn’t know by the end of the date whether or not he’s in love with you.

On the other hand, an empath is someone like me – someone who feels everything incredibly deeply and is much more emotionally intelligent than other people. I am also an extroverted introvert, which means that I am deeper than other people. I think a lot about when I will find my forever person, which honestly, it seems like some people never think about at all!

But anyway. Here is a problem I’ve been having: I always end up dating these narcissistic fuckboys! For a minute I thought that maybe I was the problem, but then I remembered that I couldn’t possibly be the problem because I am a strong woman! I have a guarded heart but it’s only because I’m worried that others won’t understand my old soul. If I meet a fellow old soul, it is ON. Which is why I always end up with these fuckboys!

Here is a theory I have (only keep reading if you are a fellow woman – narcissistic fuckboys, STOP HERE! We know what you’re up to): narcissists PRETEND to have old souls so that we will date them, but their real goal is just to crush our eggshell hearts. They can spot empaths from a mile away. They think to themselves “I am going to break down her walls and get her to let me in, just so I can betray her and make her lose her trust in others!” Narcissists love to play tricks like that.

But they can also sense that the empath is a very strong woman. They see her as a challenge – they want to take her fragile heart for granted just to prove to themselves that they can. And the strong woman? Well, she wants to change the fuckboy with the power of her love. That is what ‘strong’ means – always giving others the benefit of the doubt, no matter how many times they walk all over you. You are strong enough to let them walk all over you one more time! You are a WOMAN!

If your friends try to tell you otherwise (saying things like ‘maybe you are the problem,’ or ‘you are a horrible judge of character, oh my God’) – just don’t listen to them. Chances are they are extroverts, which means they are not deep enough to understand you.

To my fellow introverted, strong, empath women – I understand you. I know your deepest, most heavily guarded personal truth – which is that us strong, introverted empath women always end up with narcissistic fuckboys.

But it’s not because we are weak, it’s because we are STRONG.

And the strength of our love will overcome the power of their narcissism, every single time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Just another extroverted introvert trying to find my way in life. I’m a Virgo-Scorpio, a youngest oldest child and a married single person. Everyone who doesn’t text me back is a sociopath.