To The Guy My Best Friend Replaced Me With

Flickr / Nicki Varkevisser
Flickr / Nicki Varkevisser

Dear You,

The title might be over dramatic and misleading, but, it is accurate. You already know this story, as soon as I saw you two together I knew you would be the one. You claimed you knew too, but you didn’t at least not to the full extent that I could see. Now you replaced me, took over the position of best friend.

When I talked to her she said it wasn’t like that, that she was just busy with other things. Yet, those “other things” must be you since you’re together 24/7. It is pitiful, and shallow, but hey it’s my feelings. I know I should fix our friendship, try harder for it to go back to normal, and try to resume the position of best friend.

There’s no competition for me to compete in though, you already won. I decided to throw in the towel and start drifting quietly. This letter is my admittance to defeat. This letter is my continuing blessing too. I just wanted to remind you (even though you already know) that you are dating an amazing and beautiful woman.

Though she might be stubborn at times, and be very headstrong, it’s just because she’s trying so hard to keep pushing forward. She has big dreams that I am utterly certain she will accomplish in time. Deep down inside she’s scared of a lot of things so don’t forget to remind her to breathe and that she is human too.

Her fear is her best kept secret; one I don’t even think she knows I figured out. You bring out the best in her, you’re a driving force for her and for that I am so proud of you. You will help her accomplish her goals, and help her set new ones.

You, yourself are an amazing man and will go far in life too. I know she loves you like crazy and you better not ever take that for granted. She deserves the best and you better be consistent in giving that to her. My request is that you will always support her as much as I have and will continue to silently do. She was my best friend, a second sister, and my heart will always have a special place set aside for her.

I wish all the happiness in the world to you both as you continue your journey together.


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