I’m Only A Tiny Girl Looking For Shoes Out In The Working World

Being a newcomer to the working world as a public relations intern, I have slowly realized that adult conversation mostly consists of the weather, your kids, and complaining about your commute. Fortunately, I am not quite at the point to make small talk about children, considering I have none of my own and my mom still makes my lunch (yes, a brown paper bag with my name on it). Though, I am now definitely adding my two cents about how awful it is to commute. This is after spending countless minutes on the train platform, waiting for the germ-filled petri dish on wheels to arrive. Being on the shorter-side, standing a mere 5 feet, (and maybe I’m being generous there) entering a train cart packed like sardines with other humans is not a pleasant experience to say the least. One ride feels incomplete without my face in someone’s armpit, my poor little feet being stomped on and a nice elbow to the face.

One day as I stood in the cart, with my headphones in and automatic resting bitch face, I started to think. Maybe if I was not wearing my kid’s size 2 flats, and could find comfortable heels my size, I could be a little taller and this daily occurrence would not be that bad. I decided to do some research, because I know I am probably not the only woman who people think is a 12-year-old in a business suit.

After Googling and researching different websites and fashion blogs, I found that there are tons of options for petite woman who cannot find the shoes they are looking for in stores. The first site I came across was Cinderella of Boston. Based in California, this site offers a wide range of shoes from heels to casual wear. The sizes range from 2 to 5 ½, with fits both medium and wide. I found basic black patent heels that are super easy to walk in, even when I am running for the train.

The second site I came across was Alonai. Approaching my senior year of college, I also realized that I will definitely need some “going out” shoes. This site is perfect for this type because they have a wide variety of fun heels and boots for both the summer and winter seasons. I purchased basic brown-bootie heels that can go along with any dress and gives me a couple inches. Women’s sizes run from 2 to 14, so if you and all your tall sorority sisters want the same pair, this site has you covered.

Even though I may not be able to fit into a nice pair of Christian Louboutins (I’m pretending its my size that’s the problem, not my intern budget), I still sometimes crave the designer name on my shoes just like any other woman. What I found is that the Michael Kors kid’s line actually has some super trendy shoes that match those that are included in the women’s section. After browsing, I found tan strapped and gold studded wedges that go great with anything. Since they are kids, they are extremely comfortable, yet give me the height I am looking for.

Overall I feel like majority of women, regardless of size and body type, find it a struggle to find a perfect outfit and the right shoes. Looking for something specific, while on a budget can be a great annoyance.  Thankfully after some research I realized that there are options out there. These are just some of the shoe styles out of many for my fellow tiny women who just want a few extra inches or be IDed at the bar at least once! Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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