37 Women Settle The Debate Between Circumcised Vs Uncircumcised Sex

A girl thinking about the debate between circumcised vs uncircumcised sex
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1. Circumcised feels awkward because there’s no natural lube

“Had both. Prefer uncircumcised. Circumcised feels a bit awkward to get into the vagina because of the lack of natural lube of the foreskin. The same with oral. It feels like their dick will chafe and hurt without foreskin.” — [deleted]

2. Circumcised cocks turn me on more

“I have FINALLY been with a guy who was uncircumcised so I feel like I can honestly answer this question. Personally, I like circumcised better. Yes, its true what some of the ladies are telling you – UC cocks are easier to work with your hands without lube, but thats the only advantage I see. I feel like when I’m having sex with someone who is UC, their cock skin gets in the way of the friction for me… so instead of feeling like I’m fucking, say, a cucumber, I feel like I’m fucking one of these. Circumcised cocks turn me on more, personally.” — [deleted] 

3. Uncut men are better for giving blowjobs

“I’ve been with both cut and uncut guys. I much prefer uncut. Uncut men have a lot more head sensation, which is great when giving a blow job. I love to see that look in a man’s eyes when I’m sucking just the head of the penis and he’s in complete heaven. You don’t get that same look with a cut man. I also love pulling the foreskin up and down the head when giving a hand job. Uncut is a lot more fun.” — [deleted] 

4. I like playing with the foreskin

“I prefer uncircumcised, in part because it’s what I’m used to (I’ve only been with one circumcised guy), and also because I kind of enjoy playing with my boyfriend’s foreskin. So you’d be more than fine by me.” — takemesomewherenice

5. Circumsized penises look weird

“Uncircumcised for sure. Circumcised penises just look wrong to me.” — aimeelee252

6. Uncut is healthier and therefore sexier 

“Being uncut is the natural and more healthy way to be, there is nothing to be self conscious about.” — eggilicious

7. Foreskin is not bad, it’s just different

“Many many women absolutely love uncircumcised penises, with lots of them actually preferring uncut penises (just like how some women prefer cut penises). Basically, as long as you’re with a woman who is experienced and has actually been with uncut guys, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. If you’re young and meet up with a girl who has never seen an uncut penis in her life, there’s a chance she’ll insult you or be grossed out due to pure ignorance of not having a clue about this stuff (to which you can ask her how she would feel if you made a negative comment about her vulva), or she won’t even bat an eyelash and be like “okay, that’s different, let’s give this a go” (which is what I did). You may have to explain how to properly work your foreskin on handjobs/blowjobs.” — Maxxters 

8. Uncut looks cuter

“Uncut. I think they just look better. Cut ones look like mushrooms to me. And uncut is like a surprise inside.” — iseeyou12 

9. It doesn’t matter as long as he’s clean down there

“I don’t care one way or the other so long as it’s clean and disease free. Cut, uncut, whatever, it’s the guy that matters. Not how his penis looks.” — mtempissmith

10. Uncut feels better during sex 

“I’m not a woman, but I do have a relevant story. A group of young people which I was a part of were sitting in a circle and talking and the topic of circumcision came up. At first, a few loud guys set the consensus that cut is better and uncut is weird, but then a girl spoke up that uncut feels better, and then a few agreed with her (one even sounded wistful). It turned out that from that group, every single woman who had experienced both preferred uncut for the feeling. The loud cut men proceeded to turn both red and quiet.” — [deleted] 

11. Aesthetically speaking, they’re both fine

“Aesthetically, I have absolutely no preference between circumcised or uncircumcised, nor have I ever noticed any kind of difference in how sex feels or in how I give oral and such.” — TM20

12. Handjobs are a little more difficult with circumcised men

“It doesn’t matter one bit. It handjobs are slightly more awkward, that’s what lube/saliva is for. We ladies are very adaptable.” — mistressdistress

13. Foreplay is different but sex is exactly the same

“I feel they are about the same. Foreplay is a little different but once the motor is running they’re all just peens.” — 4everal0ne 

14. Thankfully, circumcised men never get smegma buildup

“My boyfriend is circumcised. Honestly the only downside is handjobs are more awkward for me than they are with uncut men. The upside to circumcised men is they don’t get smegma buildup and grossness when men don’t clean properly.” — Larry-Man

15. Uncircumcised is easier to handle but both look fine

“Look-wise, I don’t care. Both can look good or not so good to me. Uncircumcised I find somewhat easier to play with, but you can show me what to do. What bugs me is when people viciously defend that others stuck a scalpel into their dick when they were a baby.” — longlostlament

16. Circumcised penises are my favorite

“I prefer circumcised penises. (Although any penis is a good penis.)” — username5544

17. I just want someone confident with his penis

“A penis is a penis. To be blunt, I don’t care what was done to it (outside of STIs), I care that my partner is enthusiastic, willing, and unashamed of his manbits.” — redpandabear

18. There are advantages and disadvantages to both 

“I’ve experienced both circumscribed and uncircumcised. Both have advantages and disadvantages. With a circumscribed penis, it can be handled a little more firmly. I have to be gentle with an uncircumcised one, but they are also more sensitive anyway.

Eh, I just like penis. As long as the man I’m with has one and wants to have sex with me, I’m good.” — [deleted] 

19. The method matters more than the equipment

“Huh, the overwhelming majority of guys I’ve been with were cut. No preference. Experiences varied due to method, not equipment.” — Beentheredone

20. I honestly can’t tell the difference during sex

“I couldn’t really tell the difference when it came to sex. It’s all just sloshy down there any way, what’s one flappy bit of skin going to change (for girls, not guys).” — pamelahoward

21. Blowjobs are quicker when he’s uncut

“I enjoy uncut mostly because from my experience they have a little more girth to them and it’s fun to give blowjobs with the foreskin cause it helps get them off faster.

But I mean, dick is dick.” — EnIsHiding

22. Uncircumcised penises create less friction 

“I find uncircumcised much better. Just less friction and it goes in more smoothly. Plus when I jerk them off or blow them I don’t feel like I’m doing it with some rubbery toy.” — [deleted] 

23. It’s easier to jerk off someone uncircumcised but sex doesn’t feel any better

“It doesn’t feel better. But it’s easier to jerk off an uncircumcised penis. Also, guys with their foreskin, please please, before sexy times, go to the bathroom and make sure your dick is clean. I’m sucking your dick not making lasagna so make sure there isn’t any cottage cheese situation going on.” — Pastirica

24. Uncut is my personal favorite

“Uncut. I am very anti-circumcision which is the root of my tastes, but since having an uncut partner I never want to go back.” — somecrazybroad

25. I actually prefer circumcised

“I don’t think they’re bad either, less of a chance for hygiene issues with washing. I actually prefer a circumcised penis, it really doesn’t feel any different to me.” — Relacuna

26. As long as it’s not a micropenis, I couldn’t care less

“Honestly, I don’t see what the big deal is over uncircumcised penises. As long as I’m really into the guy, I’m going to love how his cock looks, no matter what (unless it’s a micropenis, or something like that).” — ireallylikebeards

27. It’s easier to ‘operate’ uncircumcised penises

“I find an uncircumcised penis easier to ‘operate’ for the purposes of hand jobs and blow jobs, but I can’t really see how your cut/uncut status would make sex feel much different for me. I think in terms of penetrative sex the difference is negligible.” — fetishiste

28. I don’t have any real preference

“No preference but he should be sure to clean under the foreskin if he has it. Actually foreskin is kind of fun to play with. At any rate, whether or not you have a foreskin doesn’t have an effect on how much I love your penis.” — blondekat

29. Uncut is much more fun to play with during sex

“I prefer uncut. More fun to play with and much more visually appealing for me. I find that circumcised penises look exposed and painful.” — celestialism

30. Foreskin makes hand jobs easier

“Having now encountered both, I vastly prefer uncircumcised. The foreskin is clearly a very sensible design feature and it just makes everything (especially hand jobs) run more smoothly.” — fetishiste

31. A circumcised penis is too dry

“I’ve had both, and I prefer intact. The skin is much softer and more sensitive, and there was never a need for lube (which I like). There was more motion, like more moving skin to give stimulation, which felt amazing. A circumcised penis just feels drier and less sensitive on the whole and less dynamic.” — CushionDiamond

32. I like the look of a natural penis

“As a woman I can tell you absolutely no difference in the way it feels. Even though I am an American and most guys (at least the ones I’ve been with) are circumcised I prefer the look of the natural penis.” — Kellianne

33. Foreskin makes the penis much more sensitive

“First boyfriend had foreskin, second did not. There wasn’t a whole lot of difference for me in penetrative sex–I used condoms with both anyway–but the first was usually more sensitive, and came a lot faster. Also, handjobs and blowjobs were different. With my foreskinned boyfriend it was more about the upward pull of skin over the head of the penis and with my circumcised one it was about the downward motion. Aesthetically I liked the circumcised look a little better, and it was a little more functional if we wanted to have sex multiple times a day or week.” — Kelaayr 

34. Foreskin is such a turn on

“22F here, have had sex with both cut and uncut. Not much of a difference for me. Cut looks nicer, but seeing the foreskin roll back on an uncut dick is such a turn on.” — PerfectChaos33

35. It’s not better for me, but it’s better for him

“The foreskin has almost half of the pleasure nerves in the penis. So sex theoretically is always better as guy if you have a foreskin.” — DeliriousDino

36. I love when foreskin rolls against my G-spot

“IMO uncut feels a bit better because you get a bit more feeling. Like it felt like his foreskin was rolling against my g-spot a bit? I’ve only felt it with uncut guys.” — UpsidedownTreetrunk 

37. Every penis is perfect

“Darling, your penis is wonderful. If it’s short or long, thin or fat, cut or not, curved or straight, pierced or not, up or down, it’s fucking fabulous. If anyone tries to make you feel otherwise, pack up your package and move on to the next gal.

Just, you know, pay the love forward and don’t be a jerk about lady bits.” — iconocast Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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