22 Women On What’s Running Through Their Head During Blowjobs

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1. “Honestly, I’m thinking about how much longer until it’s over. The guy I’m with now takes forever to finish and my jaw muscles are not used to the workload. I don’t know if he’s actively trying to wait thirty minutes to impress me about how long he lasts or something, but if he is, he needs to cut that shit out.” — Carly, 29

2. “I’m thinking: He better repay me by going down on me or this is a complete waste of my time.” — Sandra, 27

3. “I usually only give BJs during that time of the month because I’m not a fan of period sex, so I’m probably thinking about how much my cramps are killing me. Or how much of a ripoff it is that he gets an orgasm and I’m left out to dry. (I’m always extra horny during those five days so it seems so unfair.)” — Bethany, 25

4. “I love going down on my boyfriend. Turning him on turns me on. His body is sexy. His moans are sexy. The way he glances down at me is sexy. The harder he gets, the wetter I get.” — Grace, 23

5. “I accidentally used teeth on a guy once and he was not at all happy so the whole time I’m just thinking about how I hope my teeth don’t hit him. It stresses me out, man.” — Julia, 24

6. “It’s kind of a mindless activity, so I’m not really thinking about anything sexual. I’m either listening to the TV in the background or considering the chores I need to finish later or what time I should get to bed that night.” — Anne, 21

7. “I actually use one hand (and my mouth obviously) on him while using the other hand on myself. I don’t want to get left out of the fun! So I’m thinking about whatever scenario turns me on in that moment, playing some fantasy inside my head.” — Gina, 29

8. “Some people consider blowjobs demeaning, but I consider them empowering. When I give oral, I feel sexy. I think about how I’m in charge of his pleasure and how talented I am for being able to make him moan so loudly. I love the confidence it brings me.” — Victoria, 27

9. “I don’t want to repeat myself too much because that gets boring, so I think about which moves to use next. Should I use my tongue more? Should I use my hands? Caress his balls? Kiss his thighs? I’m just planning things out in my head the entire time.” — Heather, 33

10. “I’m thinking about my boyfriend. About how much I love him. About how I would do anything for him.” — Janice, 28

11. “It depends. If I’m in a relationship, I don’t think about much because I already know what he likes and dislikes. But if it’s the first time with someone, I’m worried about whether he’s enjoying what I’m doing and whether he’s going to finish at all.” — Abigale, 31

12. “More times than not, I’m pissed about how bad it smells and how much hair is down there. If I’m going to groom myself in the shower for an hour before a date, he should be doing the same damn thing.” — Michelle, 24

13. “There are two very different situations. Either I initiated oral and am enthusiastically going down on the guy. Or he pushed my head down and I’m considering whether to bite the thing off.” — Sabrina, 22

14. “I’m usually freaking out about what I’m going to do once he finishes. I spit instead of swallow and I know that’s a turn-off for some men, so I try to get to a sink or a paper towel as discreetly as possible.” — Sherri, 22

15. “My thoughts are mostly questions. Does he like this? Should I keep doing this? Is this position comfortable for him? Should I use more saliva? What the hell is he thinking?” — Daisy, 27

16. “I think about how attractive my husband is and how I still cannot believe we’re together. I think about how I’m glad he’s the only person I’m going to do this with for the rest of my life.” — Gabriella, 35

17. “To tell you the truth, I only give blowjobs when I’m not in the mood for sex but my boyfriend is horny. So most of the time I’m just thinking about the quickest way to make him finish.” — Millie, 29

18. “For the most part, I love giving blowjobs, but they hurt my neck. So I’m thinking ouch.” — Amber, 26

19. “We usually 69 so I’m just trying to focus on actually moving my head around instead of leaning back and enjoying what his mouth has been doing.” — Hillary, 34

20. “It it’s quick, I’m thinking about how nice it is to do something selfless for my man. If it takes too long, I’m thinking about how bored I am and how I hope it will end sometime soon.” — Kristen, 32

21. “I love the taste of my boyfriend. So I’m just counting down the seconds until he finishes so I can have it fill my mouth.” — Dina, 30

22. “If I am being completely honest with you, I’ve never had oral sex. So if I went down on someone tomorrow, all I would be thinking about is how I hope I do this right, I hope he likes it.” — Arianna, 20 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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