13 Things You Need To Consider Before You Get A Nipple Piercing

A woman who wants a nipple piercing

1. Are you embarrassed to show a complete stranger your breasts?

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a close friend who pierces nipples, you’re going to have to lift your shirt for a complete stranger. Sure, it will be for a purely professional service and you’ve probably gotten your bikini area waxed before which is equally as exposing. But if you lean more toward the conservative side, you might not want to get undressed for someone you’ve just met.

2. Can you handle the pain?

Like any piercing, getting your nipples pierced is going to hurt for a few seconds. The pinch won’t last long, so if your pain tolerance is high, you have nothing to worry about.

But if you thought your ear piercings were bad AND your nipples happen to be extra sensitive, then you should really think about whether the reward is worth the risk. After all, most people claim that nipple piercings are the most painful piercings since they are in such a delicate spot.

3. Are you going to take good care of it?

Your piercing is going to take about twelve months to heal, which means you’re going to have a year-long commitment to cleaning it. At first, there might be some blood and crust, which means you aren’t automatically going to feel sexier. It will take some time for the piercing to look as good as you’re imagining inside of your head.

4. Are you taking a tropical vacation anytime soon?

Right after you get your piercing done, you want to avoid hot tubs and ocean water. So if you have a vacation coming up and your bathing suit is ready, you should probably wait until you come back to have your nipples pierced.

5. Do you care if other people see it?

If you’re wearing really light material, people might be able to see the bump from your nipple piercing through your shirt. If that’s the look you’re going for, fantastic! But if you’re trying to appear professional for a meeting, you’re going to have to double check the mirror before you leave the house to make sure you’re not showing more than you intended.

6. Do you care if your nipples become even more sensitive?

For some people, the extra sensitivity that piercings create is a bonus. It will increase pleasure during sex. It will make it even easier to get turned on. It will make foreplay even hotter.

For other people, it will make their nipples too sensitive and they won’t want their person to touch them anymore. And that could completely ruin their fun.

7. How many piercings do you want?

You don’t have to get both nipples pierced, you know. You can choose one or the other. Or both. Or none. There isn’t a rule about it. You can choose any combination you would like. Just make sure you figure it out before you head down to the parlor for your appointment.

8. Have you done your research?

You shouldn’t get pierced in some cheap, crappy parlor. Make sure you find a reputable place that has a history of satisfied customers. You don’t want to randomly walk into the first place you find and end up with an infection. Do your research. Read Yelp. Ask friends. Figure out the best place to visit instead of making an uninformed, spontaneous decision.

9. Do you have enough money for the piercing?

Depending on which parlor you visit, your piercing could cost more than your paycheck allows. Some places cost $40 per nipple and that’s not counting the price of the jewelry you have to buy, which can cost up to $75 per piece. Make sure you ask about prices before having the piercing done to avoid burning a hole in your pocket.

10. Are you aware of the risks?

There is a chance your body is going to reject the piercing. It’s rare for that to happen, especially if you visit a clean, skilled piercer, but it’s a possibility. If that happens, you’ll have to remove the piercing soon after you receive it.

11. Are you going to listen to instructions?

To avoid infection, you are going to have to wear soft, cotton bras for a while. You should also avoid touching the pierced area to avoid spreading germs. That means you need to make sure your person doesn’t get overly excited during sex and touch your chest. It will be off-limits for months.

You also have to remember that you can’t rip your bra and shirt off the second you come home anymore. You have to be careful. Otherwise, you might snag the piercing and hurt yourself. The last thing you want is to tear your skin and ruin the piercing you just paid good money to get.

12. Is this something you really want?

Was getting this piercing your idea? Or are you hoping it will impress the person you’re currently sleeping with? Unless you have your heart set on getting this piercing because you think it will look sexy and make you feel more confident and cute, then don’t go through with it. Make your own decisions about your own body. Don’t let your boyfriends/girlfriends decide for you.

13. Are you committed to this piercing?

If you remove your piercing, the hole will close fast. Faster than most other piercings close. That means if you’re looking to get your nipples pierced, you should really keep the jewelry inside the majority of the time. It’s not something you should be taking in and out regularly. You should be committed to it. You should be proud of it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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