Why You Long For The Ex-Girlfriend Of Guys You Don’t Know

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If you think men who post revenge pictures of their exes online are pieces of shit, you’d be entirely right. But there are other men out there who are just as bad. Men who get turned on by looking at pictures of other people’s ex-girlfriends. Women who they have never met in their lives.

Instead of ogling photographs of professional porn stars who chose to have their body on display across the internet, they would rather look at women who never wanted their nude photographs to be seen by outside eyes.

To these men, the lack of consent is the sexy part. And the most fucked up part.

When there is an internet overflowing with porn — from BDSM to furries — it’s hard to believe that there are some men who are still unsatisfied. Men who will search for images of women who probably feel like their lives are ruined now that their naked body can be found with the right Google search.

The first problem is why do these pictures even exist in the first place? Why would someone stoop so low and post pictures of their ex for the world to see? Many think it has to do with regaining power after losing it during the breakup. In other words, these men want revenge because they can’t figure out another way to find closure.

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Then comes another question… Why are other men interested in looking at these revenge photos? Why does a complete stranger’s ex-girlfriend turn them on? Why is that their fetish when there are so many others to choose from?

It seems like these men like knowing that they are doing something wrong. They get a thrill from the knowledge that the woman would be horrified if she found out what he was doing inside of his empty bedroom with her pictures. They are turned on by taking advantage of someone they have never even met before.

On Twitter, there are users supporting revenge porn.

On the deep web, there are entire websites dedicated to these kinds of photographs — and some of these sites actually charge the women to have their photos deleted. They are making money off of a victim’s pain.

There are also forums where men ask to trade ex-girlfriend pictures, one-for-one. They give something and get something in return.

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There are countless forums where men seem to enjoy ripping apart their former girlfriends and posting pictures along with their rants. Maybe it makes them feel less alone when they read about other bad relationships.

Maybe they feel like looking at scandalous photographs of other people’s ex-girlfriends is perfectly fine since these women are supposedly all ‘bitches’ instead of innocents and had it coming. 

Or maybe they just enjoy degrading women in more ways than one — with their own words and with her own pictures.

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Judging by these forums, it seems like half of the fun is getting revenge on your own ex and the other half is helping someone else get revenge on their ex. It seems like a fetish for hate-filled men who can’t deal with the fact they have lost their ex-girlfriend.

It should go without saying that posting pictures like this is illegal. It violates the woman’s privacy and could jeopardize her career and social standing amongst her peers. Not to mention the emotional distress that it could cause.

People have been put in prison for revenge porn before — and it will continue to happen in the future.

In 2017, a 38-year-old man sent photographs of his ex-girlfriend to colleagues who had no idea she was a cam girl (who chose to remain anonymous). He was placed in jail for twelve months.

Another man, who took pictures of his ex-girlfriend while they were on FaceTime without her knowledge, posted screenshots inside of a wedding chat room. He was arrested for unlawful distributing of images.

Unfortunately, not all states consider revenge porn illegal. However, most people believe that should change soon, especially in this age of technology where it’s so easy to expose one photograph to millions of strangers in a matter of seconds.

Thankfully, there are men out there with morals. Men who know right from wrong. Even if their ex-girlfriend doesn’t specifically ask them to keep private photos private, they have enough common sense to respect their bodies.

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In fact, in a Reddit thread about whether to keep or delete naked photographs of your ex-girlfriend, most men suggested delete. They said keeping the photographs would only make it more difficult to move on from the relationship and that sharing the photographs is a giant NO.

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There are so many guys out there who beg for nudes — but do you really think women are going to keep sending naked pictures if men keep using those naked pictures against them?

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Instead of blaming women for taking pictures of their bodies and sending them to men they thought they could trust, we should be teaching men to treat their exes with more respect.

Just because she sends a picture to you, it doesn’t mean she wants the whole world seeing it.

Just because she breaks up with you doesn’t mean she deserves to be treated like a piece of meat.

To the men who post revenge pictures of their ex-girlfriends: You are shitty human beings.

And to the men who masturbate to revenge pictures of other people’s ex-girlfriends: Make no mistake, you are JUST as shitty. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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