SevenSuperGirls Are The Role Models You Never Had As A Child But Wish You Did

YouTube / SevenSuperGirls

If you haven’t heard about SevenSuperGirls yet, you’re missing out on a new generation of YouTubers. Their channel has over 8 million followers with hundreds of videos. They upload every single day of the week, because the seven young stars of the show are each assigned a certain day to share their skits.

To keep the channel cohesive, they have different themes each week they have to stick to, like Mysterious Visitor, Amazing Invention, or The Magic ___.

No matter what the topic, these girls never seem to have trouble meeting expectations, but that might be because most of them aren’t new to the YouTube world. They have bounced around from similar channels like SevenPerfectAngels and SevenAwesomeKids to SevenSuperGirls. They’re a new breed of YouTuber who have grown up always having a platform.

However, the charming thing about these seven girls is how down to earth they appear. Watching them will remind you of any other kid, maybe even yourself when you were little.

Unlike child stars on television, who might grow up a little too quickly, you can tell these girls are passionate about what they do — but are still kids. They aren’t trying to be adults. They are trying to have fun. They are trying to make their friends laugh and express themselves and have a good time.

With an internet filled with questionable content for kids, these girls create wholesome content for children their own age (although parents will be equally entertained).

Here is a little info about each girl to help you get to know them better:

Monday – Alexis

Alexis took over in August of 2017 when another girl, named Nicole, left the channel. Alexis was born on April 24th, has two sisters, and a terrier named Sunny. She loves cheerleading, can play the ukulele, and lives near the ocean which gives her the chance to explore the beach on her days off.

Tuesday – Ashlynn

A little older than most of the other girls, Ashlynn was born on October 7, 1999. She watched the channel as a fan for years before joining herself. She considers herself an animal lover, because she has two dogs, a horse, a rabbit, and goats. She loves playing creepy characters which you can tell by her horror-based skits.

Wednesday – Ella

Ella has wanted to be a YouTuber for her entire life. Before she had a channel of her own, she used to pretend to have one called The Silly Hat Show with her sister, who she also considers her best friend. Ella also has a retriever named Dallas and a baby budgie bird who can speak English! She was born on December 22, only three days before Christmas, but it’s still her favorite holiday.

Thursday – Brianna

Brianna got her start on SevenSuperGirls after a fan favorite, Jenna, left. Brianna loves soccer, basketball, and gymnastics. She also loves the beach, even though she is scared of the ocean and considers herself superstitious. She also loves horror films, which you can tell by the creepy skits she creates.

Friday – Jaidyn

Jaidyn started in June of 2017 after two other girls, Rachael and Katherine, left the channel. An adventurer at heart, she loves jumping on her trampoline, photography, crafting, and going shopping.

Saturday – Mimi

Mimi has two dogs. She loves to sing and has even appeared in operas! She also loves arts and crafts, which is why she is always making DIYs to decorate her room. That’s also why her slime videos are so much fun to watch.

Sunday – Ellie

Ellie is the only girl who does not come from the US. She was born in the UK (and has an adorable accent). Although she considers herself a girly girl whose favorite color is pink, she also loves playing hockey, tennis, and soccer.

SevenSuperGirls is proof that wholesome content can work on YouTube, that creators do not have to be controversial in order to gain views.

They also prove that, when it comes to making quality content, kids can be even more creative than adults. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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