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33 Women Reveal The Hot Stories From Their Past They Fantasize About While Touching Themselves

Here are some deep insights into how the female mind works, and what we fantasize about.

1. “My boyfriend surprised me on my 25th birthday with some new sex toys. He handcuffs my wrists and ankles to the bed and made me orgasm with a vibrator, then his tongue, then his cock. I didn’t have to do any of the work and felt like a queen.” — Ava, 25

2. “I’ve only dated guys in the past, but I hooked up with another girl once. We snuck into the bathroom at work, and I took her top off and sucked on her tits while she rubbed my clit with her hands. She eventually went down on me and, let me tell you, she knew how to get me off faster and harder than any guy has.” — Celine, 29

3. “I hooked up with my boss. There’s a policy against that at my job, but he invited me over for drinks one night anyway and we fucked on his couch. The sex wasn’t even the hottest part. It was keeping the secret. At work, we would always glance at each other and the sexual tension was off the charts but we couldn’t tell a soul what had happened. I loved that.” — Sophia, 22

4. “I cheated on my boyfriend with his best friend. We would flirt right in front of him and he didn’t even notice. There was one time when we went out to dinner with a big group and his friend had his hand in between my legs the entire time. I came so fucking close to coming and no one realized it. Being such a sneaky bitch was such a turn-on.” — Jasmine, 26

5. “When my husband and I moved into our first home, we spent the first night christening every room. First, he threw me on the kitchen counters. Then he bent me over in the shower. Then I straddled him on the living room floor in front of our new fireplace. It was the perfect way to start our lives together.” — Mia, 30

6. “I love having sex outside. My ex-boyfriend banged me against a tree in a park a few blocks away from his house. I wore a skirt and crotchless underwear for easy access. We could hear people walking past the entire time. The possibility of getting caught was a major turn on for me.” — Abigail, 21

7. “Just last month, my boyfriend took me on a road trip to Florida. On the way there I was singing along to the radio and acting all silly and he goes, ‘You are the fucking cutest, do you know that?’ Then he pulled to the side of the road and ate me out on the hood of his car.” — Aubrey, 27

8. “My boyfriend helps me take my Instagram pictures. One day we were in the middle of foreplay when he took out the camera and started snapping pictures of me undressing. We even took some during sex. Obviously they’re not on social media, but I’m never going to delete them. I love looking at them while I touch myself.” — Zoe, 23

9. “I’m going to sound boring but my favorite kind of sex is missionary. I just love looking into my fiance’s eyes and taking things slow and hearing him whisper how much he loves me. Any time I sleep with him, it’s the best sex ever.” — Nora, 33

10. “I’m usually submissive but this one night I was tipsy and feeling confident so I switched roles. I put on this leather lingerie I had in my drawer for months and pinned my boyfriend’s arms down and choked him a little and he fucking LOVED it. I loved it too. It felt good to see him look up at me like I was the sexiest woman he’s ever seen. And it felt good to be rough.” — Kaylee, 31

11. “My boyfriend woke me up with oral once. Climaxing first thing in the morning put my day off to the best start.” — Alice, 32

12. “This guy I was seeing knew how stressed I was with work so he set up a massage table complete with oils and all that shit. He massaged me from my feet to my back to my shoulders and when he was finished I stayed on my stomach while he fucked me. It was the most relaxing day of my life.” — Naomi, 21

13. “It’s not technically sex, but my long distance boyfriend would sext with me almost every night. Once we took it a step further and used Skype so we could undress for each other and talk dirty. Watching him watch me masturbate made me cum so quickly.” — Faith, 22

14. “I was involved in a three-way once. Two boys and me. I don’t think they enjoyed it much but it was heaven from my point of view. One guy was eating me out while the other was making out with me. Hands down the sexiest thing that’s ever happened to me. I replay it in my mind all the time.” — Anna, 26

15. “My husband took me on a surprise trip to Paris for our anniversary. The sex we had inside of the hotel room was… words cannot explain it. I think it felt so good because I was just so happy and relaxed and in love.” — Lucy, 37

16. “I hooked up with a complete stranger at a concert once. I don’t even remember his name, I wish I did. He made sex all about me. I’m not even sure if he came once but he made me come multiple times. There was so much foreplay. So much clit action. It was the way every guy should act during sex.” — Serenity, 20 

17. “I was friends with benefits with this man who would sext me every Friday night and then come over later to finish the job. Once I texted him (in detail) about what I wanted him to do to me. When he stopped by my place that night, he actually remembered everything I said and did it step by step. It’s insane how good sex can be with the right communication.” — Skylar, 26

18. “I was taking a shower one day when my ex snuck into the bathroom with me and joined me in the shower. He ran soap across my stomach and breasts. He massaged shampoo into my hair. He told me how beautiful I looked in the water. It was the perfect foreplay before bending me over and fucking me raw.” — Arianna, 29

19. “I hooked up with a minor celebrity during a music festival. I guess the sex technically wasn’t that amazing but I love fantasizing about it because I’m proud of myself for landing someone so attractive. Most of my friends still think I’m lying when I tell them the story.” — Rachel, 22

20. “I visited my boyfriend at work on his birthday and did the whole pushing-everything-off-his-desk-and-then-having-sex-on-it thing. Helping him clean up after wasn’t fun but the sex sure was. He had to clamp his hand over my mouth to keep me from moaning too loud.” — Autumn, 24

21. “I joined the mile high club with an ex. We were on a 12-hour flight so we had blankets and the plane was dark and he put his hands on my lap and started rubbing. I’m pretty sure the people across the aisle from us knew what we were doing but I didn’t care. Let them have a show.” — Isabella, 28

22. “My boyfriend and I used to be in a… I guess you’d call it an almost relationship. We were friends for such a long time and the sexual tension was driving us both insane, but neither of us made a move for a full year. So when we finally kissed for the first time, we couldn’t help ourselves. Clothes came off. He grabbed my waist. I pulled his hair. He slid inside me. I screamed his name. It was the best moment of my life.” — Kristen, 27

23. “Sex with the same person gets boring after awhile so I like to role play with my husband. He’ll dress up like a police officer or a doctor or a butler. My favorite was when he wore leather motorcycle gloves and a matching jacket. He looked so different. So sexy.” — Andrea, 36

24. “My boyfriend wanted to place a mirror on the ceiling and I reluctantly agreed because I didn’t like the idea of looking at myself — but I ended up obsessed with the idea. I was able to see the muscles on his back as he fucked me. I was able to see how nice his ass looked. The mirror helped me see him from angles I don’t normally see.” — Cynthia, 32

25. “We were both living with our parents at the time so I booked a hotel room for us. We had sex on the balcony while the sun was setting in the distance. It was romantic but it was naughty at the same time.” — Phoebe, 24. 

26. “I slept with my boyfriend on a webcam. I made sure my face wasn’t showing, only my body. It was sexy knowing people found us sexy.” — Stella, 29

27. “It’s weird. I’m usually a jealous person but for some reason the thought of my boyfriend getting turned on by another woman makes me wet. So we watched porn together. Well, he watched porn and I watched his reactions. Seeing him get so hard so fast drove me crazy so I blew him while he was still facing the screen.” — Sadie, 27

28. “My boyfriend went on a business trip for a full month and when he came back we were both sexually frustrated. We ended up having sex four times that night and then another three times the next day. I had never been so sore in my life.” — Georgia, 28

29. “I had sex on a beach once. It was awesome being able to look out at the ocean instead of staring at a ceiling like usual.” — Avery, 25

30. My boyfriend put whipped cream on my nipples and ate it off while inside of me. Then we showered together and went for round two.” — Ashlee, 29 

31. “I sucked my ex-boyfriend’s dick inside of an elevator. It was super difficult because we kept stopping between floors and I was terrified someone would catch us but luckily the hotel was completely empty that night. Unfortunately, in the moment, I was too nervous to enjoy myself. But looking back, it was a sexy risk to take.” — Caroline, 26

32. “I had sex in my backyard beneath the stars. It was sweet.” — Claire, 19

33. “Back when I was in high school, I slept with this boy I liked in my parents’ basement while they were moving around upstairs. We had to be quiet the entire time. It was fun knowing I was doing something I wasn’t supposed to be doing and getting away with it.” — Piper, 28 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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