33 Total Creeps Who Have Taken Upskirts Reveal What The Fuck They Were Thinking

A naked girl without a skirt

1. “I really liked this girl at my university and ‘playfully’ lifted her skirt and snapped a picture. She slapped the shit out of me and I never tried it again.” — Matthew, 23

2. “I did it a bunch back when I was a kid. Not that age is an excuse. I’ve apologized to all of those girls since then. They didn’t deserve an asshole like me ruining their day just because they decided to wear a cute outfit.” — Franco, 27

3. “Me and my frat brothers had a competition to see who could take the most upskirts in a weekend. We never uploaded them to a porn site or anything. We just shared them with each other. I guess that sounds pretty horrible looking back, but at the time it seemed harmless.” —  Chase, 25

4. “I never lifted up a girl’s skirt that was so long it hit the floor. I only reached under girls with miniskirts where you could already see their junk walking up a staircase. I figured if I could look at it in person, I might as well take a picture. Never showed anyone else. Just kept them for my own nighttime rituals.” — Nicholas, 22

5. “I only did it once. I wanted to get this girl back for breaking up with me.” — Ty, 20

6. “I would take upskirts and delete them immediately afterward. The photos never came out good anyway. The whole point was the adrenaline. Invading their privacy, doing something I knew was illegal, was a thrill. That was the entire point for me.” — Liam, 24

7. “I hated women. I thought they owed me something. Whenever they turned me down, which happened a lot, I got angrier. The only way I could see a pussy was with those pictures, so it seemed like the solution. I didn’t care if the girls got offended. They were only objects to me.” —  Wyatt, 23

8. “Why did I do it? Because I was horny teenager.” — Jonah, 21

9. “I don’t know why I did it. Maybe because I was lonely and no one would date me. I can’t really say. I’ve been to a lot of different therapists this past year and I think I’m getting better at respecting boundaries. I don’t take upskirts anymore at least.” — Cameron, 30

10. “Honestly? I took one on a dare. I didn’t get caught. So I kept doing it.” — Grayson, 21

11. “I never thought the women would mind. I mean, their faces weren’t in the pictures. It’s not like anybody would find out it was them.” — Riley, 20

12. “If you want the truth, I’ve taken hundreds of pictures on subways and buses. I only stopped after one of the women called the cops on me and my family heard about it. I was too embarrassed to do that ever again.” — Cody, 51

13. “I’ve always been an ass man. What else can I say?” — Blake, 28

14. “I did it because it made me feel powerful. Like I had control over these strangers who didn’t even know my name. I got off on that feeling.” — Tate, 33 

15. “What was I thinking at the time? Well, I certainly wasn’t thinking about those women. I was only thinking about myself and the money I could make.” — Alan, 32

16. “I feel like most people assume creepers have oily mustaches and old man glasses, but (not to sound cocky) I’m very attractive. Women love me. That’s why I got away with my behavior for so long. I kept taking pictures and girls wouldn’t call me out on it. Some would laugh about it. My looks made everything seem okay even when I was being a total ass.” — Kevin, 26 

17. “I was young, dumb, and a dick. I think that about sums it up.” — Shane, 27 

18. “I can’t really go into the details, but I was able to make a good amount of money by selling upskirts. I didn’t find them sexy AT ALL, but a lot of other guys did. I didn’t feel good about what I was doing, but it helped pay the bills.” — Asher, 44

19. “I didn’t even know upskirts were a thing people searched for until my little sister came home crying about someone doing it to her and sharing it on social media. You would think that pissed me off, but it actually put the idea in my head. I started about a week after that.” — Roman, 26

20. “I took them until I got caught. Correction: I took them until I got my ass beat. A girl’s boyfriend saw me and I spent the night in the emergency room with a broken nose.” — Axel, 22

21. “I only took them of this one girl in particular because I had a crazy crush on her. One day her friend realized what I was doing and cursed me out for a good ten minutes. They said they’d file a restraining order if I ever approached either of them again so I stopped.” — Kingston, 19

22. “I wanted to impress my friends. All they ever talked about was sex and I was a virgin so I tried to find another way to brag. It worked, but only for a few days. Then my school found out and I got suspended. My parents are still pissed.” — Ryland, 18

23. “In hindsight, I realize I was a massive douche, but I took pictures of a female friend to make my girlfriend jealous. It didn’t work. She broke up with me.” — Tucker, 30

24. “I take them because I have fun taking them — and even more fun masturbating to them later. Sue me.” — Nathan, 22

25. “I was trying to be funny. I thought it would make the girl laugh and I was very, very wrong.” — Damien, 25

26. “I tried taking pictures of my then-girlfriend in her tight leather skirt. She had videotaped us having sex before so I didn’t think it was a big deal, but she flipped. Apparently I needed her permission first. Next time, I asked beforehand and she said yes. I still have those pictures.” — Donovan, 27

27. “Is it a crime to look at pretty women? I always thought of it as a compliment. I only took upskirts of girls I found attractive. What’s wrong with that?” — Aidan, 27

28. “I took some photos on my new phone when I was bored on my commute to work and the women never found out. But my wife did. She found them on my camera roll and now she wants nothing to do with me.” — Toby, 50

29. “I used to take upskirts and sell them for a few bucks. Then one of the girls who had her pictures floating around found me at my apartment and cried her eyes out, begging me to get rid of the pictures (which I couldn’t since they were online already). I’ll be honest, I kept doing it for a while after that, but I never forgot about her. Eventually the guilt kicked in and I stopped for good, but it took a few months.” — Shaun, 31

30. “Whenever we took family vacations, my older brother used to slip his hand beneath strangers’ skirts and snap pictures. He was my hero, so I copied him. I had shitty role models growing up.” — Frank, 18

31. “Less than a year ago, I took pictures like that. I know it’s a cliche to say, but I didn’t realize how fucked up it was until I had a daughter of my own six months ago. I’d kill any guy who took advantage of her like that.” — Abraham, 29

32. “It never seemed like a big deal. Upskirts weren’t the worst thing in the world compared to all the money I was stealing and heroine I was shooting.” — Chandler, 32

33. “I don’t have a good reason. It was fun. I used to think it made me cool. Bullshit like that.” — Donald, 20 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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