22 Blood Relatives Of Murderers Talk About The Brutal Deaths In Their Family

These stories from Ask Reddit will remind you that you cannot trust ANYONE — not even your own family members.

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1. My grandfather murdered all of his kids with a knife and mallet

“My grandfather left my grandmother when she was pregnant with my mom. He started a new family with another woman and had 6 kids. They had a spat and he killed all of the kids with a knife and mallet. According to my uncle, my grandfather was batshit crazy with them too before he left.” — jamminjon82 

2. My wife’s uncle dismembered a child’s corpse

“I’ve told this story before on here. But my wife’s uncle. Was giving their new child a bath, and left for a minute. Well the kid slipped into the water and drowned before he came back. He panicked and decided he was going to say someone kidnapped the kid. He ended up dismembering the body and running it over with the lawn mower over and over. When the cops came to the house he was in tears and covered in blood.” — zynthesis1981

3. My father shot my mother and then himself

“Father was jealous, shot my mother 6 times or so with a rifle. Shot himself with a handgun. I went back outside and waited in the car like originally told. He stole the guns from his brother (my uncle) and sometimes my favorite uncle blames himself for having the guns in the first place. Also, he wrote 3 letters that my uncle grabbed off the counter before the cops came after the death had happened. 1 letter to me, 1 to the family, and 1 to his dad.” — vandancouver

4. My cousin accidentally killed his close friend

“My idiot cousin and two of his friends went to rob a drug dealer. The dealer pulled a gun. My cousin pulled a gun. My cousin fired and accidentally killed his friend. Dropped the gun, ran and they traced it back to my uncle who was away. Cousin wound-up getting an exceedingly long sentence (three strikes!) and his friend is dead.” — Baguette_Pants

5. My cousin injected her husband with drugs and burnt down the house

“I have a cousin, by marriage, who was a nurse. She took a paralytic drug from her nurses station, injected her husband with it, and burnt the house down with him inside for the insurance money. From my research, she may have gotten away with it if she wasn’t so dang stupid.” — Braydeennnn

6. My relative was a serial killer who used poison on her victims

“My great great uncle’s mother was a serial killer. She poisoned three husbands, her granddaughter, her daughter, and her daughter in law (my great great aunt). The husbands all died as did the granddaughter, but my aunt and her daughter lived.” — SpookyChemist

7. My cousin robbed a store and shot the clerk with a shotgun 

“All 3 are dead now but. Had a cousin who robbed a convenience store in the 70s, blew the clerk in half with a sawed off shotgun (he was 16 when he did this crime). Went to prison, got out some years later and tried to run over a motorcycle cop (the cop was one of the ones that arrested him), cop barely survived and cousin went back to prison. Got out again and within 3 months of being out he died in his sleep. Grandfather beat a known child molester more than likely to death, if he didn’t kill him the other men in the neighborhood that carried him away probably finished the job, because his family continued living there and he never was seen again. Had a distant long dead relative (not sure the exact relationship between us) who stabbed a child molester to death with an ice pick.

Rage and hatred for child molesters apparently runs deep in my family.” — P3ccavi

8. My abusive great-great-grandfather killed his wife

“My great-great-grandfather murdered my great-great-grandmother. He was very abusive, and she tried to leave him. She ran away and stayed with her parents, who called him and told him exactly where she was because a woman’s place is apparently to mind her husband. He goes to face her. He goes apeshit. She shoots him in the stomach with the pistol he didn’t know she had, and her parents call for help. Unfortunately, he survives. While she’s in her car, he walks up and shoots her in the head with his rifle. It was deemed a suicide, though he threatened many of my family members, saying things like, ‘I’ll kill you like I killed my whore of a wife.'” — mr_and_misdemeanor

9. My cousin killed a young child and got away with it for a decade

“My cousin killed a child. For almost a decade, he went on with his life, getting engaged, having a career. I think to myself, how does someone carry on like that? Knowing the pain you caused? I’ll never know I guess.

He was questioned initially and they had DNA evidence but at the time, DNA evidence bringing forth a conviction was a few years away. They decided to run it and found a match.

He was under surveillance and a cop sat beside him at a bar, chatted with him and when he left they took a cigarette butt to get his dna. My mother and I actually met up with him just by coincidence at a cultural gathering. My mom remembers a strange man coming up to her right after she did. It’s strange and very unnerving to think there may be images or tape out there with us on it.

He tried to worm his way out of it. His lies were almost as horrific as his crime. He was found guilty. He’s been in jail almost 20 years now, not one of us and we come from a large family have ever gone to see him or exchange letters.

His mother died a year after he was sentenced. I’m not sure if he knows. His sisters both had high profile careers, one sister retired early to avoid scrutiny and the other changed professions all together.

People say when someone kills another, it should not reflect the family in anyway. It’s one thing to say it and another thing to live it. There will always be a stigma around your family. Or whispers. We did not suffer in anyway remotely equivalent to the victims family. But, the family of murderers too suffer, and have a stain on us we can never wipe up.” — Wackydetective 

10. My father murdered my mother when I was a young child

“My father murdered my mother when I was a kid. My mother had left him and the courts were finalizing the divorce. My mother was given primary custody of us kids and the next morning my father shot and killed her.

I promptly got sent into the foster system and my foster parent told my brother and I that we were doomed to repeat our parents’ mistakes. That I would marry a guy who would murder me and that my brother would murder the person he married. It’s kind of funny, but the foster parent was definitely more traumatizing that having a murderer for a father.” — Priapus_the_Divine 

11. My cousin accidentally lit his girlfriend on fire

“My idiot cousin tried to light his gf’s cigarette at a gas station and set the poor girl on fire. I’d feel bad for him if the fucker didn’t run away instead of helping her.” — multipurpoise

12. My uncle stabbed his roommate to death

“My uncle murdered his roommate. My uncle is crazy so it was only a matter of time. He was upset by the way his roommate kept his bedroom and just snapped. He stabbed him to death and hide his body in the closet for 4 days. The roommates girlfriend discovered it when she hadn’t heard from him.

My mom always said that it was just a matter of time before he murdered someone.” — jjdmom 

13. My cousin killed their father because of ‘voices’

“One of my cousins killed their father, saying they heard voices that told them to do it. They spent time in a mental institution but didn’t do jail time.” — Nudeonsatin

14. My great aunt murdered her sister-in-law and young niece 

“My great x7 aunt is said to have murdered her sister in law and ten month old niece, before burning down their house. She’s called the Witch of Staten Island, and Edgar Allen Poe wrote about her in his newspaper.” — midge514

15. My mother’s boyfriend strangled his wife to death

“My mom’s new boyfriend murdered his wife because she ‘drove drunk with their kids.’ But when I looked up what happened he drove her 45 min away to the town I work in and strangled her then he ditched her body and filed a missing persons report. He went to jail for 25 years. We told my mother that this was going to tear our family apart but she still chose him over myself and my brother. My brother and I both have small children. It’s just something we don’t want around our families. Before we knew anything my mother introduced my brother’s daughter to my her new boyfriend. His daughter ran up to him and hugged him because she/we trusted my mothers judgment. I try and see her often and talk to her every week but she is kind of dead to my brother now.” — Brian2674

16. My relatives helped kill a man who was bitten by a rabid animal 

“My great grandfather helped kill a man who had been bitten by a rabid fox. He had been tied to his bed when he started thrashing and becoming incoherent, and great grandpa and two other men held a mattress over him until he suffocated.” — IVcaffiene

17. My great-grandfather shot and killed five people

“My dad’s grandfather shot and killed 5 people and tried killing many more (including 1 of his sons, he managed to get away though). When someone told him that God was going to punish him, he started shooting at the sky, yelling at God to ‘come down and fight like a man.'” — Penya23 

18. My stepfather beat my mother to death in front of us

“My stepfather beat my mother to death in front of my brother and I… We were 5 and 7 years old.. He disposed of her body somewhere and it hasn’t been found yet. He got the ‘hard 40’ due to me and my brother being the key witnesses in the murder trial… Its been 25 years and it sucks because I want some sort of closure (my mom’s body to be finally laid to rest).” — brutal_barbie8387

19. My uncle slit someone’s throat and left him in a garbage pile 

“My uncle. He killed the town asshole. They found the body in a garbage pile two years later with his throat slit. My uncle was sentenced to life without parole. Prison riot broke out, he saved the life of two guards that other prisoners were trying to kill. Parole board called him in after the riot and voted to free him. A few weeks later after saving those guards lives, he moved in with his friend. His friend was having an affair at the time with a man’s wife, and one night that man shows up at the door. Instead of killing my uncle’s roommate, he killed my uncle. They let the guy who killed my uncle go free, (he lied saying my uncle attacked him first-and my uncle couldn’t argue because he was dead). A few months later, that man who walked free for killing my uncle was murdered, and they never figured out who did it. My dad says he knows for sure it was one of my older relatives at the time in Tulsa who ordered a hit on that man for killing my uncle. It was murder dominoes in Oklahoma at the time. People were just quick to pull the trigger back then.” — Ctrlz4ever 

20. My aunt helped dismember a corpse with her boyfriend

“My aunt helped dismember a Vietnam Vet with her boyfriend at the time. He got the death sentence and she’s in prison for life. It’s always an interesting story to bring up. I feel bad for my cousins. She’s been locked up for about 10 years or so.” — rockonradagast

21. My father killed an old woman and got the death penalty

“My dad killed an old woman and dumped her in a pig pen in Mississippi. Stole her car, drove it home to Alabama and told my mom (my parents are separated) he won the lottery. This was in 2010. He got the death penalty but it was dropped to life a few years later. We don’t talk.” — kweenmom

22. My brother killed his girlfriend’s mother on accident

“When I was 12 and just starting 7th grade my 16 year old brother went to his girlfriends house to kill her and himself. It turned out that she wasn’t home and he ended up wrestling with the girlfriends mom and accidentally killed her with the gun he stole from my step dad. I remember I found out when a bunch of police came to my house at like 8pm to search every room. When my teachers found out I was more shunned than nurtured which is probably why I’m more quiet than I used to be.” — GarritoBarrito Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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