20 Reasons Why We Need To Impeach President Obama


I consider myself politically neutral, but there are times in history when you can look at the presidential office and it’s painfully obvious something needs to change. When it was revealed that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, it was clear that George W. Bush was no longer the man for the job. When John F. Kennedy was assassinated, we all knew that he could no longer uphold the responsibilities of his job. Now we look at the shortcomings of Barack Obama and it has become incredibly obvious that he no longer has what it takes to run this country and, honestly, may never had the ability. Here are 20 of the biggest, but definitely not the only, reasons Obama needs to be impeached as soon as possible.

1. Many people like to discredit Bush for the decision he made to work with Halliburton, but Obama did the exact same thing.

2. Obama had the audacity to hire Timothy Geithner to oversee tax laws when he has a history of cheating on taxes himself. How could anyone be so oblivious?

3. He claims to support gay marriage in interviews and speeches but in reality he’s done nothing to further the cause. He simply uses it as a political tool.

4. Obama may not have publicized it, but he has often supported wire taps and other forms of spying on US citizens in the name of Homeland Security.

5. He allowed Mike Novick to stay on staff after working against him and attempting to have him removed from office. This shows a total lack of judgment on his part.

6. The ACLU has claimed he has used the constitution as he chooses and violated much of it through his political career.

7. His response time after September 11, 2001 was a joke, as some believe his office was actually responsible for the tragic events that took place that day.

8. Despite a history of corruption and lies, he allowed Frank Underwood to work directly under him and advise him on almost every major decision.

9. Obama allowed Nicholas Brody access to high level security areas despite not knowing where he stood politically after being a POW for a long amount of time.

10. He refuses to provide proof of his birth certificate to the American public, which means he definitely has something to hide.

11. Obama allowed known terrorist Nina Myers to escape on numerous occasions and even provided her immunity from crimes she had committed.

12. After September 11, 2001 he allowed gas stations to raise prices to obscene levels to make money off the public’s fear.

13. Obama did little or nothing to help recover a government agent named Audrey Raines that was kidnapped by the Chinese government. Little or no press was released on the events as well. Classic Obama coverup.

14. He has never spoken up about the feminist movement and as we all know silence is the war cry of those who oppose something.

15. Obama allowed known terrorist Abu Nazir entry into the United States on multiple occasions.

16. It took him over a decade to build a monument for the victims of September 11, 2001.

17. Obama refuses to accept any fault for Benghazi.

18. He gave money to AIG when they requested a bailout while still giving huge bonuses to their executives.

19. Obama never investigated the death of renowned journalist Zoe Barnes despite many believing his office was involved in her death.

20. He never prosecuted the terrorists responsible for the death of Michelle Dessler, a high ranking government official. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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