It’s Okay To Be Broken Once In Awhile, But You Need To Pull Yourself Together Again


It’s okay to feel broken. That’s nothing to be ashamed of. At some point in our lives, yes, we could be screwed. At some point in our lives, perhaps, things don’t go as planned.

But you can’t go around sulking and pushing people away. It’s fine to cry and to mourn, lament over a few things, and take a few days just thinking and just being. It’s alright not to be all right. It’s okay not to be okay. It’s fine not to be fine, just as long as you’re going to be all right, you’re going to be okay, you’re going to be fine, soon.

I know it sounds corny and too sentimental, too emotional, but you have to remember, you can’t go around wasting time on things – on feelings – which would put you down. You are a human being; you are talented, and you are more than what you think you are. If you fail, stand up. If you stumble, step by step, heave yourself up, and work on the person you want to be.

It’s fine to be broken, once in a while, but you have to put yourself together again. You have to come out stronger, better, and wiser. Don’t wait for the love of your life to come knocking on your door to put yourself back together.

Only you can do that. Sure, ask for help – professional help, family support, friendly advice – but, in the end, it is up to you.

Don’t wait for someone else to put the remnants of what seemed ‘beautifully and painfully broken’ together. Don’t wait for your knight-in-shining armor. Never be the damsel-in-distress. Only you can save yourself from your personal demons.

It’s okay to cry, but remember to face the next day with a bright, new smile. Look forward to new beginnings. Put yourself back together. Start living your life the way you want to. Love – love the people who love you, love the people who loathe you, love the people who was with you through thick and thin, love yourself for who you are and all your perfect imperfections.

Be you.

And, one day, you’re going to wake up – better, wiser, stronger. Then, you will realize you actually are okay. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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