10 Everyday Struggles Of Being An Empath

You permanently reside in a realm of intensity. You feel deeper and you can sense tension from a mile away. Here are the screaming signs you live through your empathy:

1) You’re deeply affected by energy.

When you’re around negative people, you struggle to brush off the sadness they bring. When you’re around positive people, you smile more than you ever have before. You absorb what’s around you and sense things before they’re spoken of. It’s a power and a curse.

2) You’re the biggest over-thinker you know.

Now you’re thinking about whether there’s anyone who thinks more than you…nope, this is all you. Some people have thought processes. You have thought mazes. It’s far too easy for you to get lost in your own head.

3) You have a trademark “I’m so sorry” face.

You know the look. You don’t even mean to do it most of the time, it just happens. When someone tells you something sad, you can’t help but frown along with them.

4) You actually couldn’t hide your emotions if your life depended on it.

People can read you like a book and you’re a terrible liar. Let’s not even talk about your poker face (or, attempted poker face).

5) The intensity of your thoughts is always cranked up a notch (or 100 notches).

You might come off as melodramatic at times. You’re not looking for attention, you just feel deeply. Your mind can be a war zone of its own.

6) You’re the one to offer a helping hand.

Others know to come to you when they need someone to vent to or get advice from. No matter what’s going on in your life, you always have room to help others. It’s who you are.

7) You’re a total “yes” person.

You’ve caught yourself agreeing to things before you really thought them through, simply because you want to help out. You can’t keep track of the number of times you’ve put others before yourself.

8) You’re the eternal optimist

You find light in the dark and beauty in the ugly. You look for potential where others would never think to.

9) Time management stresses you out

You just want to take on the world every single day… which is hard to do in 24 hours. No matter how many goals you make, there are always more you have floating around in your head. You just wish you could borrow time from other people.

10) Your intentions define you.

You strive to make a difference wherever you go. You’re the ultimate dreamer. That’s a part of you that will never change.

Sometimes being an empath can be miserable. You’re stuck on a never-ending roller coaster of emotions powered by a brain that runs 100 miles a minute. But you are a rare breed. And I assure you, that’s something to be deeply proud of. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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