10 Signs You’re An Old Soul Stuck In A Young Adult’s Body

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itsmejust / (Shutterstock.com)

1. You have a very small group of extremely close friends, and that’s all you need.

You have about five friends who are the greatest people you could ever imagine surrounding yourself with. Having a bunch of friends seems so pointless and boring. You know that your friends genuinely love you and care about you no matter how much you annoy them. Having a fight with your friends seems so stupid because you’re beyond the point of being able to get legitimately mad at them. You’d always pick having a small amount of great and loyal friends over having a large number of just OK friends.

2. You spend all of your money on books.

Most of the people you know plan their social schedule around when they get their paycheck so that they can afford whatever they want to go do. You, however, have to plan when you can afford to buy more books. You have an entire list of books that you want to buy and another list of books that haven’t come out yet, but you’re already planning to hunt them down when they are released. Whenever you try to talk to people your age about books, the only contribution they can make to the conversation is, “Oh, yeah, I love books too. I read The Fault in Our Stars.” It takes everything in you to not to throw some literature in their face. Don’t get me wrong; I love me some John Green as much as the next girl. All I’m saying is that you can’t pretend you suddenly understand the life of being addicted to books after crying your eyes out over Augustus Waters. You read so much that you have trouble finding space to keep all of your books. You can only fit so may shelves into your room and no, Mom, I will not get rid of any of my books.

3. Everyone your age wants to go out and party, but you don’t.

Please forgive me for not being attracted to being squeezed into some hot basement full of sweaty people that are pretending to be a lot drunker than they are. No, I don’t want to dance with you; I want to go home and watch Ellen.

4. People have a hard time understanding the idea that you choose not to drink.

They immediately assume that you get extremely offended whenever you see someone drinking. I couldn’t care less if you love to go out and drink and party hearty; I personally don’t want to. It just doesn’t appeal to me. Simple as that.

5. Things such as prom that are supposed to be a big deal didn’t do anything for you.

Big social events are exhausting. You’re not looking forward to it because not only will you be forced to socialize all night, you actually have to try and look nice while doing it. You’d like to be friendly and talk to people, but a lot of times you genuinely don’t feel comfortable doing it. Your comfort zone ends when the number of people there gets higher than about seven.

6. You are more than comfortable with silence.

Silence is beautiful. Silence reminds you of spending a night at home snuggled up with a good book. Being comfortable sitting in silence with someone says so much more about your relationship with that person than being able to keep a constant conversation going. It shows that they mean so much to you that simply having their presence in your life is enough.

7. You have a secret hobby that no one knows about.

With all the time you spend by yourself, you develop some sort of hobby that you’re actually quite good at. There are very few people, if any, who know about this hidden talent of yours, but you actually like that it’s a secret. It’s something that you’re really proud of, and showing it to people feels like a strangely intimate thing to do.

8. At times, you can feel very isolated.

Seeing everyone around you going out and having a great time can make you wonder if there’s something wrong with you. You ask yourself, “Aren’t college students supposed to love partying? Shouldn’t I hate the thought of reading an entire book? Should I love staying home and just being alone with nothing to do all night?” Sure, some people probably find it a turnoff that you prefer to stay in and read or eat a tub full of ice cream. If it’s really such a big deal to them that they don’t want to associate themselves with you, then good; I don’t want to associate myself with you, either.

9. You’ve never been in a real relationship, because anyone who could potentially interest you is probably also a homebody.

You know that there are so many people out there that would be great for you, but you also know that they’re homebodies just like you, so it’s hard to meet them. It’s not that you never go out; you do. It’s just that when you go out with your friends you might go on a hike or to more low-key places such as the local diner. When you do go to more public places, you feel so out of place that you would be too shy to ever go up and say “hi” to someone. You’re not shy, you’re just so blind when it comes to how relationships work that you wouldn’t know the first step to getting someone’s attention if it slapped you in the face.

10. You get accused of being extremely antisocial.

You’re not antisocial. You’ve only realized the simple fact that there is no point in hanging out with people who make you anything less than happy. If your five friends are the only people who make you look forward to going out somewhere with them, then who is to say that you should have to spend time with anyone else? You’d be happy to make new friends and spend time with them, but you’re not going to lower your standards just so that you can tell yourself you have more than five friends. You’re perfectly happy with the life you live; no need to change it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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