4 Pieces Of Wisdom From Someone Who’s Moved To The Other Side Of The World

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They say “home is where your heart is” but what do you do when your heart is in many places at once? When you have to leave the world you grew up in and move to the other side of the world? You leave pieces of your heart everywhere.

1. Embrace your roots.

Be proud of where you came from, be proud of your language, your food and your colors. Don’t ever feel like your roots are a burden because they’re not. They made you who you are. They shaped you and they leave a mark on you forever.

2. Embrace your new culture.

At some point you might find yourself speaking like a local and laughing with your new friends and suddenly feel like you’re forgetting where you’re from. You’re not like i said your roots are always with you. You’re simply adapting to your new home and that’s great. Discover this new world that opens up to you, explore the food, the music, the scenery. Embrace the new friends you’ll make along the way, they might be completely different from your friends back home and that’s okay.

3. Allow yourself to be homesick.

It is okay to miss your other country. It does not mean you’re not doing good enough or you’re not making an effort. Allow yourself the time to take a break and talk to your friends back home. The time to cook some food that’ll take you back home for a few hours while you listen to your home music. Never feel guilty for feeling homesick but don’t lose yourself on that feeling either. Look at it as an opportunity to share your culture with your new friends too.

4. Never forget how lucky you are.

To have more than one place to call your home is lucky. To have friends in different places is lucky. It means that you’re never alone. That the world is yours and that you can adapt to different situations.

Coming from different places makes you a warrior, makes you stronger and makes you awesome. Be proud, be loud, be multicultural. TC mark

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