Why I Fell Out Of Love With The Gilmore Girls

Amazon / Gilmore Girls
Amazon / Gilmore Girls

After temporarily dropping out of my first semester of college (long story), I have been much less productive than I had hoped I’d be. Instead of being out looking for jobs, I’ve cooped myself up indoors with my lovely 55 inch screen TV. Long nights spent reading many an epilogue on Netflix led me to discover the perfect show to binge watch, a good mix of drama and humour, Gilmore Girls. A young mother and her quirky daughter navigating through the trials of life, love and family together, while eating lots and lots of junk food and crafting up the perfect sentences really, really fast.

While there are a lot of things I loved about the show at the start, by season three I have come to the realization that there are more thing wrong with the show than right. Here are a few reasons why I stopped being a fan of Gilmore Girls:

1. The Girls’ eating habits

I can accept that they have Maserati fast metabolisms, it happens—but the fact that Rory manages to not have any acne on her rosy cheeked face, or that Lorelei has the energy to run around the Inn all day subsisting on nothing but cheeseburgers, I can’t. Sure, there are naturally skinny people out there. But usually everyone has a price to pay for treating their bodies like crap, one way or another. This show is really about two extremely lucky women who have won the gene lottery.

2. The Girls’ actual eating habits

Despite the fact that their characters are super unhealthy, the actresses who play the iron stomached mother daughter duo are actually not. If they can eat as much as the show claims, then it must take them ages to get through it all because they take the teensiest bites! The least the producers of the show could have done was make the actresses actually eat on the show, to make it a little more believable.

3. Lorelei’s aversion to her parents

I get that they restricted her freedom when she was a teenager, and tried to force her to marry her baby’s daddy when she was sixteen—but why does she still hate them, so many years later? Sure they have a weird way of showing their love for her, but she is wise enough to understand that they still do. Rather than developing grudges and avoiding spending time with them every chance she gets, why can’t she just accept that they are the only parents she can get and forgive them for their antics?

4. Lorelei and Luke

They spend 50% of their day together. They do each other favours. They almost kissed. Why am I on season three, and still not seeing these two beautiful, perfect-for-each-other people together? Luke likes Lorelei but is too stubborn and shy to admit it, while Lorelei apparently is too stupid to see that he likes her as more than just a friend and has also apparently completely forgotten about their almost-kiss. I’m pretty sure they do end up together eventually, but if they could just get past their silliness, it could have happened much sooner.

5. Rory

I love her—but I am also insanely jealous of everything about her. She gets to be beautiful, genius, and skinny, without even trying. She doesn’t live and breathe school like Paris, yet she’s the one who gets into Harvard. She eats crap but still looks like a goddess. She’s so sweet and so loveable that every guy can’t help but fall in love with her. She is everything I want to be in one cute package, and that’s why I can’t stand her.

6. Everyone else

It seems that everybody but Rory and Lorelei is insane, and one dimensional. Taylor is an ass, who does everything he can to ruin Luke. Kirk is an oddball loser, who also apparently works every job in town. Paris is a type A, studies oriented freak. Her cronies are dim witted and obsessed with boys (how did they even get into a school like Chilton being that stupid anyway?). Even the slightly more important characters, like Suki, Lane, and Lorelei’s parents have very little personality and depth to them. Only Rory and Lorelei are complex, logical thinking people with multi-dimensional personalities.

In spite of all of these things, however, I will be a hypocrite and continue binge watching this super addictive show. It’s hard not to love Rory and Lorelei and the odd town of Stars Hollow, even when you can acknowledge everything fake about it all. Besides—I have to see the day Lorelei and Luke finally come to their senses and start dating, no matter how many seasons it takes! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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