11 Workout Hacks For The Unmotivated

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Clueless / Amazon.com.
I have good days and bad days when it comes to talking myself into working out. Over the last few years I’ve actually begun to enjoy and look forward to most of my workouts. Having said that, I definitely still have those moments when I literally have to talk myself into it. This list is a little collection of things I do from time to time to motivate myself to get my butt off the couch!

1. Get to the GYM.

Tell yourself you’re going to “show up” at the gym. Maybe you’ll burn 1000 calories or maybe you’ll only burn 50. Either way, you’ll feel better for going. Have you ever heard anyone say, “If only I wouldn’t have gone to the GYM. I really wish I wouldn’t have squeezed in that workout?” NOPE!

2. Get on the treadmill, or Stairmaster, or Bike.

Tell yourself you’re only going to jog, hike, or ride a mile. Maybe that’s all you do. Maybe, once you’re warm, you’ll keep on going!

3. Get dressed in fun workout clothes.

Even if you’re not where you want be “body wise,” make sure you have workout clothes you feel comfortable in and ones that make you feel good about yourself. Make sure they’re form fitting so you can see your body, which will not only help your form, but will increase motivation too. I know that whenever I’m wearing form-fitting clothes and can see all the areas on my body I’d like to improve, I push myself a little harder.

4. Try a group fitness class.

Some people like to work out alone but I love the interaction, accountability, and motivation group fitness offers. It’s a good place to start if you’re not entirely comfortable doing your own thing at home or the GYM. Plus, I teach group fitness!

5. Tell yourself it’s “day one” at training camp (you’re the pro athlete of your choice).

This can go a couple of ways. You can go full force or you can ease yourself in. Either way, you’re going to get a workout (and maybe even a great one too!).

6. Tell yourself it’s your first day as a contestant on The Biggest Loser.

I’m not telling you to work so hard you throw up! But, if you try to get into a Biggest Loser mindset, you’re likely to get an awesome workout!

7. Tell yourself you’re getting paid for each calorie burnt or pound lost.

The real money is made during a hard workout!

8. Pretend you’re being filmed for a fitness video.

I’ve actually filmed myself working out for certification and audition. It makes you ultra-aware and focused on your form! And then, before you know it, your workout is over!

9. Pretend the man or woman of your dreams is watching you.

I know I’m not the only girl or guys who’s had a hot guy get on the treadmill next to me, causing me to almost unconsciously tighten my core, lengthen my stride, check my form, and maybe even run an extra mile.

10. Never underestimate the power of a playlist!

When I ran a marathon a couple of years ago, I had a playlist of about 80 songs! I carried a spare iPod shuffle and headphones! And in retrospect, I’m not sure I could have completed it without my music.

11. Pick only one or two things you’re going to use to track your progress.

Things like weight, % body fat, how your clothes fit, body measurements, or fitness measurements (e.g. how fast or far you can run, how many pushups or sit-ups you can do). Try not to track every single marker of improvement — it can become much too overwhelming to track every single little detail. Choose one or two things to track your progress and stick with them for a while. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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