I Was Looking For Beauty In The Ordinary And I Found You

Joao Silas

On the days where my world was falling apart and everything was up in flames, it was your arms I came to for comfort. No matter the situation, you were there and you never left. You watched me as I tore and tore myself apart to entertain the demons in my mind. Then you’d stay on the phone with me for hours and hours helping me put the pieces back together. You became my biggest supporter, my best friend.

On the good days, which were few amongst the bad, you would have me draw you pictures, you would fill my head with stories of fairy tales. We would talk about everything going on from dusk to dawn, and I started to fall for you. Through your fairy tales, I started spinning one of my own, where we were together. This fairy tale would be with me dusk to dawn, and as much as I didn’t want to, I finally let myself fall.

I fell hard. Harder than a knew I was capable of, and I’m still not done falling. You are one of the hardest books I’ve ever read, but every page I turn I learn something new, something to fall in love with. Every time I am sure I’m done falling, I discover there are many more meters to fall.

You weren’t expecting me to fall. You didn’t think I’d fall for such a geeky person like you, but little did you know that to me you were the missing 8th wonder of the world. Your beauty keeps me mesmerized. The pictures you think are the worst, I find just as beautiful as the ones you find the best. You became my worst distraction, but I loved every minute of it.

You’ve taught me that love can be beautiful or it can be ugly. Love can be the best or the worst. True love will have its goods and bads. All we can do is survive together through the storm.

I wouldn’t trade everything we have for the world, but I’d trade the whole world for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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