Why I Don’t Regret The Day I Left You

Jamie Street

Things were going so smooth between us but one day I realized something is wrong. We both know what’s not right but we still fight for what we have because we do love each other. Then it hit me. It hit me bad that I had nowhere else to go. We had nowhere else to go. No escape plan, no plan B’s and C’s. And all I thought that the right thing to do is to walk away. We enjoy being with each other but that’s all over now. I left you all alone in the dark. I hesitated to go back but it was too late and deep inside me I know it is not right to come back.

I left you with my reasons still with me. No attempted messages. No explanations. All I want to do is forget the feeling when I left and how leaving you consume my soul. I know I hurt you and I hurt you bad but soon you’ll realize that I did the right thing. I did the right thing for the both of us even if it hurts.

The reason why I don’t and I won’t regret the day I left you is that we already found the better versions of ourselves even if we are now taking our own different paths.

In our own separate ways. We may have found the better versions of ourselves if we’re still together but destiny decided to part us and do its own thing. In the end, we both changed. We both matured. We both learned. We both learned the things we wanted to learn in our own ways. I don’t regret the day I left you because both of us benefitted from it – we grew and we’re all better.
I don’t regret the day I left you because as time went by, things became clearer. I have found clarity in those blurred lines we’ve encountered. I have sought answers to the questions we continue to ask. But someway somehow, some questions remained unanswered but some things are better left unsaid and unanswered.

Now, I know how to fight. To the next one, I will not let myself make those mistakes again. I won’t let anything wrong happen, again. I’ve learned to treasure every single moment with every person that I meet. I’ve learned to appreciate people who pass by in my life even for a short moment of time. I’ve learned how to value things, how to value time and how to value moments. I know that at some point, we want those beautiful moments to happen for one last time.

Sometimes, you just need to hit rock bottom to realize the value of things when you had it. Reaching rock bottom is the point where all you need to go is up. Grow up. Be stronger. Be bolder than ever. Risk and think wisely. We all want to change for the better. I have changed but I have done things – stupid things – that I’m not supposed to do.

And I think that’s a part of growing up.

I still love you with all my heart but I think it is time to take two steps forward. You are now happy in another man’s arms and I know he’ll give you all the love you need that I can’t give. That I didn’t give to you. You deserve more. You deserve better. I hope that he can give it to you. I hope that he will not leave you like the way I did. I hope you forgive me for what I did to you.

We’re all just humans after all. We all make mistakes. And I had mine but I had no regrets, just love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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