7 Lame Fitness Lies To Stop Telling Yourself Immediately


Like many others, I always told myself I wanted to workout and get ripped. Like many others as well, this was a story I told myself as I was onto movie number 4 of my Netflix marathon.

I’ll start working out later, it’s not really that bad.

From school to parties to the newest video games—fitness was the odd man out. Whether it’s fear of success, fear of failure, or the seduction of the shiny obejct—we’re our own worst enemies.

It’s not people’s ambition that is the weakest link, but it’s their mental approach that leads to their downfall.

Are you just giving yourself lip service or do you really want to make a change with your fitness? Here are 7 lame fitness lies to stop feeding yourself.

1. “I don’t have enough time nor money.”

The problem here isn’t time nor money. What this person is really saying is “I want to exercise, but it’s not a top priority in my life at the moment”. If exercise is important, you will find a way to make it happen.

Gyms and fancy equipment weren’t around hundreds of years ago. Neither cave dwellers nor roman gladiators had access to Gold’s Gym.

There’s something called the outdoors, which provides plenty of opportunity for exercising. If it’s too cold, then perform bodyweight exercises in your house.

If you can afford vodka & tonics on the weekend—you have enough time and money for a gym membership.

2. “I’m going to start, but not this week…I’ll start on Monday.”

“This is my last day eating this junk”.

“After this weekend, I’m on my best behavior”.

“I would start this week, but I have too many things to do”.

“This week is almost over; I’ll tighten up my diet starting on Monday”.

If you wait until tomorrow or the next week, you just like the idea of making commitments and wanting ‘things’—it’s a feel good story.

If you want something, and it’s within your power—you’ll start as soon as possible. When you see that hot girl or guy beside you at the bar, do you wait until next week or do you say “hello”? Odds are if you want to know this person, you’re going to say something—even if it sounds stupid.

Your fitness is no different. It’s not important that you execute gracefully at first—it’s important that you take action.

Action is what will get you that date and improve your body and health.

3. “I don’t know enough yet, I need some more time to plan.”

You can buy more fitness books. Read the latest detox plan. Subscribe to the latest celebrity fitness plan. Or, you can just do something. Planning, planning,…and more planning is procrastination in disguise.

You’ll never feel 100% ready about anything you’re going after. The unknown doesn’t vanish, you just learn to accept it as it is.

You don’t need another fitness book. You don’t need another juice cleanse book. You don’t need to spend your nights researching the latest fitness trends. You just need to start moving, even if it’s only for 15 minutes.

You learn by doing, not by spectating.

4. “I don’t have the will power to succeed.”

I couldn’t say no to ice cream and delicious German brews on a daily basis. You most likely don’t have enough willpower to say “no” to happy hours everyday. You most likely don’t have the willpower to scarf bland ass chicken breast with a side of broccoli on a daily basis.

And that’s okay. No one has enough willpower to say “no” every single day to things they enjoy. We’re humans, not robots.

Just as a tank of gas will only last for so long, your willpower only has so much before it goes to ‘E’. Afterwards, all hell breaks loose and you’re stranded and hoping for a non-sketchy truck driver to pass by.

You can only force yourself to do things for so long until you revert to old habits.

A better approach than relying on willpower is to place your focus on your daily habits, behaviors, and mindset. Allow yourself to make occasional dietary slip-ups with zero guilts given.

5. “I’m not motivated enough to start a fitness regimen.”

When I first started to workout, I had one reason and only one—to get girls. Specifically one girl who I’ve been eyeing the entire fall semester. Compliance was through the roof for 4 weeks until I discovered she had a boyfriend (there goes my motivation).

Motivation is fleeting, that fitspo quote and Instagram picture will provide a temporary high. Unfortunately, it only lasts for so long. Relying on external sources for inspiration is a guaranteed way to never reach your goals. Don’t be an inspirational junkie who tricks themselves into feeling good even though they never put in any work.

Determine your ‘why’ and you’ll never fall off the fitness wagon.

Your ‘why’ needs to go deeper than “I want to get laid more”, or “I want a six pack”. Have some substance; go deeper into why you want to accomplish your fitness goal. Will this fitness goal help with confidence, allowing you to thrive in other aspects of your life? Whatever it is, keep the big picture in mind.

6. “I don’t think it’s that bad.”

What do stubborn people, addicts, and self-sabotagers have in common? Denial.

One day, you want to change your body, the world, and your relationships. As soon as you feel a little bit of resistance, discomfort, awkwardness, or insecurity—it’s all hands off deck. You tell yourself, “maybe I was just overreacting—it’s not that bad”.

The topic of point wouldn’t have been brought up if you at some level didn’t think there was a need for improvement or some dissatisfaction with yourself.

Admit there’s room for improvement and go forward. No one is perfect.

7. “I’ve tried many times before, so what’s the point of trying again.”

I tried to flirt with this girl at the coffee shop the other day, one at the grocery store, and then one at the gym. 2 out of 3 wasn’t having it at all, the other was into me and off I went on a date.

1 out of 3 isn’t so bad. If this was baseball, I’m an all-star.

If I got rejected once and quit—this world would be lonely. If I quit after trying fitness for the 1st time—I would still be a 170 pound baby face adult who still wears baggy Sean John clothing.

Failure happens once you decide not to pick yourself off the ground. Telling yourself you can’t do something is a self-fulfilling prophecy that will come true because you already concluded that this is the result.

Success hinges on picking yourself up each time after being knocked down and moving forward regardless of the circumstances.

If you give yourself permission to believe you can succeed with your fitness—then you can. With the right approach and mindset—you will. 

Question for you: What’s one lie you keep telling yourself that you need to let go of? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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