25 Traits That Are More Attractive Than Physical Beauty

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (Two-Disc Unrated Collector's Edition)
Forgetting Sarah Marshall (Two-Disc Unrated Collector’s Edition)

I don’t trust a person who claims they don’t care at least a little about their looks. I dare you to pass by a mirror and not take a quick glance to make sure your clothes lay flat, your teeth are clean, or your hair isn’t going haywire. We’ve been raised in a society that places clear skin, a toned tummy, and your “gains” on a pedestal. But it shouldn’t be that way.

After being bombarded by Game of War’s advertisement featuring a Spartan-esque Kate Upton, or a macho Jamie Dornan in Calvin’s, it’s no wonder why there are so many of us who need to be reminded of our value once in a while.

It’s okay that sometimes you need to be reassured of your awesomeness. So, let’s grab a snack and talk about how wonderful you are.

Here are 25 traits more attractive than physical beauty.

  1. Your courage to get out of bed each morning despite the battle you have been fighting.
  2. The passion you exude when talking about something you love.
  3. Your ability to understand and accept the choices and opinions of others while standing by your own beliefs.
  4. How you never fail to practice common courtesy, even though it sometimes doesn’t seem all that common.
  5. Your eccentric style inspired by your individuality. Who decided on those rules anyway?
  6. The way your heart figuratively explodes when you see a baby or a tiny animal. (They’re basically the same thing, right?)
  7. How comforting you can be when your friends are having a rough night (whether you’re holding back their hair or holding the phone to order three pies of pizza).
  8. Your patience with a cashier who is clearly struggling on their first day.
  9. Your sense of humor, even though not everybody understands it.
  10. How adventurous you are, whether that means trying a new food, going cliff jumping…
  11. …or just cheering on your friends who are.
  12. Your seemingly endless knowledge of bar trivia.
  13. Your ability to write an impressive ten-page paper on a book that you “didn’t have the chance to read.”
  14. Your motivation to finish that assignment, even when you’re suffering from the afternoon slump.
  15. The way you insist on treating your friends for celebrations. And yes, just simply being friends is enough of a reason to celebrate.
  16. Your genuine interest in learning and expanding your knowledge.
  17. Your desire to see the world and experience other cultures.
  18. And the respect you have for them.
  19. Your calloused hands attributed to your hard work.
  20. Your impeccable choice of Instagram filters.
  21. Your willingness to forgive.
  22. And sometimes forget.
  23. Your hidden talent, which I won’t mention for obvious reasons.
  24. The way you can make new friends feel like they’ve known you for years.
  25. Your ability to love yourself and others unconditionally – soft tummies and all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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