10 Confessions Of A Low Maintenance Girl

Parks and Recreation
Parks and Recreation

“Does this place have a dress code tonight?”

“Yeah I think so…wearing a black dress and heels.”

“Ugh, seriously? Do you think dressing up in a pair of jeans is cool?”


1. You have no idea what contouring means. Supposedly, there are ways you can highlight your features, making you look like Kim K. Apparently; it’s an “art” in the make-up world.

2. Concealer, foundation, and primer all mean the same thing to you. You have no idea which one goes on first, underneath, before and/or blended together.

3. Wearing heels (or any uncomfortable shoes) for unnecessary occasions seems ridiculous. You have learned to make your Nikes and Adidas’ work with every single outfit.

4. You wish all corporate offices would adopt the “Jeans and T-shirt” daily dress code.

5. You take 45 minutes to get all dressed up. Not only because Beyonce can…but also because you seriously can get ready super quick. Which means that most times, you end up drinking alone waiting for your friends to get done up. You may or may not have consumed a bottle of wine in between this process.

6. Wearing your hair in a ponytail more than 4 days a week seems totally acceptable. In fact, you encourage the ponytail look.

7. All of your pajamas are extremely oversized t-shirts. A collection you are more than proud of.

8. Beer over wine, every time.

9. “Club outfits” make you cringe. Wearing your extra baggy boyfriend jeans and loose sweater seems much more appealing than any curve hugging bandage dress (no matter how great your ass might look).

10. You secretly hate when guys take you to fancy restaurants. You would much rather have pizza and wings or a burger and fries. Or both. Okay you want both. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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