50 Instagram Accounts You Need to Check Out Immediately If You’re Obsessed With Dogs

What is even better than dogs or Instagram? Instagram accounts featuring dogs. Whether you prefer floofs, doggos, puppers, puggos, or clouds, I am certain you will like one of these accounts, or, even better, all fifty of them! If not, you must be a cat person.

1. Tonkey Bear (IG: @bearcoat_tonkey)

All of his wrinkles are adorable and perfect.

2. Agador (IG: @poochofnyc)

The caption is correct – Agador is indeed the “Bob Ross of dogs.”

3. Yoji (IG : @_wand_wang)

I really want to boop Yogi’s long snoot.

4. The Dogist (IG: @thedogist)

This lovely account features many different dogs.

5. Sprout (IG: @brussels.sprout)

I aspire to one day be as cool as Sprout.

6. Samson The Goldendoodle (IG: @samsonthedood)

His wardrobe is better than any human’s wardrobe.

7. Marnie (IG: @marniethedog)

This lovely shelter rescue is living her best life.

8. Loki the Wolfdog (IG: @loki)

I would much rather watch a clip of Loki the Wolfdog than Loki, the Norse god.

9. Tuna (IG: @tunameltsmyheart)

Tuna has one of the greatest smiles on the entire Earth.

10. Doug The Pug (IG: @itsdougthepug)

Doug has hung out with a Jonas Brother! Only Kevin, so Doug is clearly the celebrity out of the two.

11. Puppystagram (IG: @puppystagram)

If you like puppies and want to see many of them, this account is for you.

12. Baby Beckham (IG: @baby.beckham)

This Samoyed is living their best life.

13. Major (IG: @majortheyorkie)

Fun fact: this Yorkie’s one true love is peanut butter.

14. Harry (IG: @harrythedowniepug)

Major puppy eyes alert, which is an excellent thing.

15. Menswear Dog (IG: @mensweardog)

This Shibe is giving Samson major competition in the wardrobe department.

16. Dean (IG: @deanthebasset)

Sorry Drake, this dog is officially the coolest thing from Toronto.

17. Lilly, Silas, and the cat Gustav (IG: @lillyandthehairless)

Name a more awesome group of siblings, I dare you.

18. Burrito (IG: @burrito_the_corgi)

Who can resist an adorable corgi?

19. Snowy (IG: @snowyfoxterrier)

Snowy takes her job as a sock collector very seriously.

20. Rufio (IG: @lil_rufio)

His dad might be a former NFL player, but Rufio is the real celebrity of the family.

21. Corgnelius and Stumphrey (IG: @corgnelius)

What’s better than one corgi? Two corgis!

22. Marutaro (IG: @marutaro)

This Shibe makes the internet a better place.

23. Toby LittleDude (IG: @toby_littledude)

Like many humans from Vancouver, Toby claims to be a hipster.

24. Pam (IG: @pamlovesferrariboys)

Pam is a great older sister to her younger human brothers.

25. Aqua (IG: @aquacorg)

Aqua is living the ideal California life.

26. Lucky (IG: @1000daysoflucky)

I may be biased as he is my Havanese, but Lucky is adorable and should be famous.

27. Jiff (IG: @jiffpom)

This little fur ball is a Kids Choice Award winner.

28. Whiskey (IG: @mywhiskeygirl)

Whiskey likes to go on adventures with his humans.

29. Quincy Fox (IG:@quincyfox)

This dog was featured in InStyle and knows how to meme. Could a dog be more perfect?

30. Confiture (IG: @confituredoggo)

Confiture is a celebrity at McGill University.

31. Harlow, Indiana, and Reese (IG: @harlowandsage)

Maybe these three dogs are the coolest siblings?

32. Maddie (IG: @thiswildidea)

Maddie is one with nature.

33. Dog meme of insta (IG:@dogmemeofinsta)

Memes and dogs are what take up most of my thoughts, to be honest.

34. Emma and Eve (IG: @emma_the_westie)

These two girls are sugar and spice and everything nice.

35. Pura Pura (IG: @purapura299)

Pura Pura has smiles for days.

36. Pug of Home (IG: @pugofhome)

Who could resist pictures and videos of many pugs?

37. Bubba (IG: @_bubbagram_)

I dare you to find something more precious than an old golden retriever.

38. Huck and Ollie (IG: @huckleberrythecorgi)

Corgis really are best is sets of two (or three, or ten).

39. Boop My Nose (IG: @boopmynose)

I am half-convinced dogs have adorable noses solely so we can boop them.

40. Freyka (IG: @freyja_thecanecorso)

This emotional support puppy is doing such a great job.

41. Lambeau (IG: @lambeauthederpking)

“I’m pretty fly for a white guy.”

42. Iris (IG: @iristhebluegreatdane)

No one can be blue while admiring this majestic dog.

43. Bear (IG: @goodboybear)

Handle checks out – Bear is definitely a good boy.

44. Pavlov (IG: @pavlovthecorgi)

There is no such thing as too many corgi Instagram accounts.

45. Daily Frenchie (IG: @daily_frenchie)

A Frenchie a day will make your smile stay.

46. Dogspotting (IG: @dogspottingorg)

This account features photos from the Dogspotting Facebook group.

47. Max (IG: @long.coat.max)

Max should teach master classes to fellow dogs on how to give the perfect head tilt.

48. Weefee and Ramen (IG: @weefeelovesramen)

Actually, all breeds of dogs should come in pairs.

49. Raleigh (IG: @morethanraleigh)

Raleigh is evidence that gingers do have souls.

50. Luna (IG: @luna_the_box16)

Luna and her baby human sister are the most adorable partners in crime.

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