A Moment Is Said To Be 90 Seconds Before It’s Gone

image - Flickr / Derrick Tyson
image – Flickr / Derrick Tyson

I know happiness. I’m not talking about the kind of happiness where you’re content with your life, or you’re in a good mood. I’m talking about natural unadulterated happiness. I know the feeling of having your heart be filled with an indescribable warmth and your mind is in a state of liberating wonder. This energy’s complexity untwists and untangles itself into the simplest sensation you’ll ever feel. I would describe it as a kind of spiritual element, basic and pure. It can’t be found when searched for, it can’t be created. This happiness is encountered in the simplest of moments.

A moment is said to be 90 seconds, a short period of time and it’s gone before we realize it happened. But this moment is different because time disappears, and with astonishing clarity you can see the moment is happening. It’s as if you’ve been lifted out of your body and you fill the air, being swayed and caressed by the movement of the moment. And while you’re watching yourself, that’s when it finds you and permeates throughout your soul. And you undoubtedly know that what has enveloped is pure happiness. You realize the joy and bliss that fills the atmosphere around you. Nothing can touch you, nothing can touch the moment you’re in. If you could you’d stay in this moment forever but as we know moments are fleeting. So you have to settle for being able to reminisce with the memory with as much detail as possible. And so you try to take in everything around you, you want to remember the smell and how the air feels on your skin, you want to be able to recount every motion, every piece of this moment.

You don’t realize when the moment ends, it sneaks away just as it came. To me these moments are one of the most beautiful parts of life. They’re the thread that stitches together our hope, they’re the glue that fixes the cracks in our faith, they’re the missing puzzle piece that you find under the couch. The happiness I’ve discovered in these moments, it’s my favorite thing that I know. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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