The Downside Of Being Single That Not Everyone Will Tell You

Almost every article I read these days is about the benefits of being single. The articles list how “free” you are, how you don’t have to worry about relationship problems. That is great and all, but for how long? Single women are tired of this same old stuff over and over, just to remind themselves that, yes, we are in fact single.

Perhaps it is because you are the “friend.” You friend-zone every boy you meet. You want them in your life because guys are fun and easy to be friends with. But hey, that pays off because you get the inside scoop during guys’ nights. Right?

Perhaps it is because you are the “loyal one.” You are the one that is called when there is a problem in the middle of the night. The one that is willing to stay up all night to make sure your friend is all right. You’re the one that will listen to rants, vent sessions, and always offer great advice. But hey, that pays off because people respect you for that and are forever grateful that you are there. Right?

Perhaps it is because you are the “wild one.” That is, whenever you are actually with a guy, you cut right to the chase. Leaving nothing left for next time. But hey, that pays off because it makes you both happy in the moment. And we, single women, are told to always live in the moment, right?

These articles tell us to “take some time for yourselves.” And when we have some time for ourselves, we realize it is because our friends are all on dates. Being busy. And how shitty of a feeling is that? And when we turn to our friends to vent about feeling lonely, they ignore it. Or they said “awww don’t worry, you’ll find someone someday!”

It is so easy for other people to say this. Single women who feel like this need some encouragement. Don’t tell us to enjoy being “free” or to “take some alone time” because that only makes it worse. And we are tired of hearing that shit. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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