On Our Deathbed

Cristian Newman / unsplash
Cristian Newman

When you are 93
breathing in a ventilator beside me
I will still say to you
what I said at 33:
“You took too damn long.”

Maybe you’ll say, “60 years!”
And I’ll say, “We could’ve had 63.”
Your smile lines will stretch
while I think about 27, when I sat
wondering if you needed a match
to see the roadmap in pitch-black.

There were no streetlights
on Flatbush at midnight
when I determined to become moonlight
to live like a wild flare blazing on
so you’d notice the flicker of flames
guiding you home. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Julia Gari Weiss is a poet and the author of the book Being Human.


Being Human is available as a physical and electronic book. You can buy it here

Julia Gari Weiss is the recipient of the Academy of American Poet’s John B. Santoianni Award for Excellence in Poetry.

Keep up with Julia on Instagram, Twitter and juliagari.com

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