On Our Deathbed

Cristian Newman / unsplash
Cristian Newman

When you are 93
breathing in a ventilator beside me
I will still say to you
what I said at 33:
“You took too damn long.”

Maybe you’ll say, “60 years!”
And I’ll say, “We could’ve had 63.”
Your smile lines will stretch
while I think about 27, when I sat
wondering if you needed a match
to see the roadmap in pitch-black.

There were no streetlights
on Flatbush at midnight
when I determined to become moonlight
to live like a wild flare blazing on
so you’d notice the flicker of flames
guiding you home. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Julia Gari Weiss is a poet and the author of the book Being Human.


Being Human is available as a physical and electronic book. You can buy it here

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