I Tried To Create A Picture Without You

Luis Dávila / unsplash
Luis Dávila / unsplash

I tried to create
a picture without you
my hand wouldn’t steady
I couldn’t mix the right colors
and each midnight was darker
without your flicker, my dear,
every stroke evokes you.
I still brush up
a version of you. I blend the edges
of a face with my fingertips and pretend
it’s your cheek. Pretend you still want
my hand on your skin. It’s not real.
I must admit that I cannot paint.
I’m a con artist.
Our relationship was a mirage
depending on how I frame it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Julia Gari Weiss is a poet and the author of the book Being Human.


Being Human is available as a physical and electronic book. You can buy it here

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