7 Real Ways To Be Emotionally Well In The New Year

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In the New Year, a majority of us come up with resolutions to increase our happiness or successful outcomes, but, in order to achieve those goals we must first pay attention to our emotional wellness. These simple tips will help you start 2018 on the right foot.

1. Smile more

It sounds silly, but faking it until you make your smile genuine is an important step in achieving overall wellness and positivity. Train yourself to re-channel negative emotion or energy into positive. Making an effort to change your conscious thoughts will make all the difference. You deserve to feel positively. The people who love you, including yourself, really just want you to be happy and healthy, whether that means rising to CEO level or bagging groceries at a grocery store. If you’re smiling and are genuinely happy doing what you do, you are successful.

2. Make time for personal enjoyment & hobbies

You are allowed to enjoy yourself outside of work. Remember that as you move about your professional life, whether seasoned in your career or entry-level. Be self-encouraging when it comes to enjoying your life. You create your own purpose and happiness. Make it well. Find a balance between your personal and professional life in the new year by making an effort to engage in positive hobbies or activities outside of the work hours. Decongest, relax, and enjoy.

3. Surround yourself with a rocking support system

Find the people that make you a better person and spend more time with them in 2018 – no, now. Not all the people you spend time with in your life will be a positive influence, but the people you choose to be around should be. They say you are most like the five people you spend the most time with. Be proud of that compilation, and make sure it’s a great group that makes you laugh, feel uplifted, and helps you see the lessons in bad. These are the people you can trust and cry as much as you laugh with without judgment – absolute acceptance. No one is perfect. We’re all human. Hang around a good group of humans now.

4. Define your own success

Stop comparing yourself to others right now. You will set yourself up for failure as a result. The person you need to focus on first and love most is you. Without your own self-support, you will never find content in life or others. Be your most loved and fulfilled self to yourself. You define your own success. You create your own wellness. Embrace the power of self-belief, always.

5. Let yourself feel

Failure is not giving in to your emotions. It is strong to be aware of oneself and letting yourself experience your emotions will only give you more strength to overcome difficulties in the future. Life is full of good, bad, ugly, and beautiful. There are no rights and wrongs. Everything is subjective. Value the fact that your story is not based on a framework created by society – it’s whatever you want it to be. Live and love by that philosophy.

6. Be creative

You don’t have to be a master artist or painter to enjoy taking a class at your local studio. Take a yoga class if you want to. Learn to draw. Play an instrument, and laugh when you do it badly. Enjoy the process. Find humor in your shortcomings. Write more. Keep a journal. Do something that inspires you. Learn to inspire yourself. Find fulfillment within your realm of creativity. Create your purpose. Feed your passions. Find your passions within you.

7. Appreciate the small things

Life is full of small things. If you sit around waiting for the big things all the time, life will pass you by. The scenery is the most beautiful part of living, after all. Enjoy the small moments in between your milestones. The process is always what gets you to them. Enjoy the people you spend that time with. They matter. Enjoy yourself. You matter. Enjoy every lesson. They matter. What you believe matters, matters.

Be well in the new year and be patient with the process of getting to a state of wellness. Believing in yourself and loving yourself are the key steps to achieving emotional wellness in the new year. Find your balance to discover self-maintenance. You will get there. Be well. Be loved by you first, always. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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