8 Qualities You Probably Won’t Realize You Have That Mean You’ve Finally Found Yourself

Ilya Yakover

1. The ability to be weird

When you’re weird, you know how to laugh at yourself. You accept your weirdness and walk through life unapologetically. A person who has found themselves has stopped judging themselves. They are lighthearted and can find the humor in daily situations. They’ve learned how to embrace the fact that everyone is their own flavor of weird in this life.

2. Confidence

Whether an introvert or extrovert, confidence is expelled and noticed at different levels among individuals. You don’t have to be a social butterfly to be confident. Confidence is evident in comfort, the ability one has to speak up during work meetings or personal outings, or even the willingness to try new things. It is security and pride within oneself. A person who has found themselves embrace their abilities, challenges themselves to work on developing new skills, and carries themselves forward with their head held high despite a rough past or frustrating situation. Confidence is finding balance within and outside of oneself.

3. Knowing limits

Whether it’s with a partner or within oneself, knowing limits is something a person who has found themselves recognizes. It’s okay to say no and it’s so important to learn to do things for yourself, and not on behalf of or because of others. Living a life for you will enable you to live a better life with someone in the present. Living a life for you will produce a happier self. Only you can hold you back, and a person who has found themselves recognizes this.

4. Empathy

A person who has found themselves accepts their past, and are not quick to judge others as a result. They use their deductive reasoning, listening skills, kindness and compassion to decipher a situation. They know things fall on a gray scale. Nothing is black and white.

5. Ambition

A person who has found themselves recognizes the reality of their dreams and pursues them under the direction of well-thought out goals. They aren’t afraid to adapt to accomplish their dreams or go through new transitions in order to accomplish them, because they recognize themselves in diverse environments. They carry themselves with a sense of admirable hyper-awareness.

6. Respect

Respect for themselves and for those they care about is a quality a person who has found themselves holds dear and true to their heart. They know how valuable authentic people are and strive to be their honest selves at all times. Not only do they show respect for themselves and others, but they have earned it in their professional and personal lives.

7. The ability to see multiple perspectives

People who know themselves look inside and outside of themselves for answers. They value the opinions of others and do not limit themselves to selfish agendas. They make an effort to try to understand other cultures and upbringings. They have an altruistic quality about them that reigns true of their experience discovering themselves and show it brightly in this trait.

8. The ability to love wholly

When you love, understand, and accept yourself wholly, you are fully capable of genuinely doing the same with others. There is no other love quite as rich as this. When two people know themselves fully, it’s even better. In a similar regard, a person who loves themselves wholly recognizes that life is a limitless journey and the process of self discovery is ongoing, because life is always changing, and a person who has discovered themselves remains open for growth and expansion throughout their lives. The process of discovering a whole self and full self expands across a lifetime. There is no rush. There are moments in the now of opportunities to become solidified within oneself. Acceptance and patience are self-encouraging virtues. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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