21 Things I Learned Before 21

Pitch Perfecr
Pitch Perfect

1. Forever21 is called Forever21, because it’s the only store you’ll be able to “eternally” afford as you wallow through the debt you’ll be paying off at the end of your college career. Goodwill is also a highly considerable option. #MeantToBe

2. Caffeine is meant to be enjoyed. (Regardless of what studies show or don’t show.)

3. When someone tells you your hands smell like ketchup, it’s not a bad thing, because it likely indicates you just indulged in a vent­worthy session of McDonalds with a close friend. Oh, the sodium­enriched nostalgia!

4. There will always be a person in your life that drives you absolutely insane, but lucky for you, there’s a counter­balance, because you’ll always have a friend that you have a quirky, incomprehensibly wonderful relationship with.

5. A healthy ­cynicism is the best medicine for dealing with failure and fruitfulness. Sarcasm is for the savvy smartened soul.

6. Someone will always tell you coffee is bad for you, but you’ll drink it through your life regardless and that’s okay. Sip slowly, enjoy copiously.

7. Everybody has “something” and you have to accept that “something” about yourself. There’s no way around what makes you different. Your “worse off” is the same as someone else’s, just a bit askew from their own individual understanding. You will always be experiencing a pitfall, just make sure to prop yourself back up from your shortcomings and rise. You have the power to be confident, cool and collected.

8. Grades aren’t everything. (Are you shocked yet?)

9. Whatever you do, do what makes you happy most often. Pursue that and embrace it  or the reasons it drives you toward success or smiles.

10. It’s okay to do things your parents once told you were bad. You realize they were just trying to protect your childhood and you’re happy for your conserved innocence. It’s okay to break free from previous restrictions. You realize those fences were slowly disassembled long ago.

11. Getting away from your phone and getting to know people in front of you is typically a more worthy experience. It’s important to not forget how to talk to one another. In­person people skills lead to more satisfying, rich relationships.

12. Money isn’t everything.

13. Friends and family are always worth putting first, but t’s okay to be selfish sometimes and do things just for you.

14. Cake on your birthday is necessary, even if you don’t have a piece. It’s emblematic of the celebration of your life and you should be proud of your accomplished years.

15. Whoever you see in the mirror, you are beautiful. You’re only one you and you always will be. There’s no point in comparing yourself to someone else. Focus on you and your cards will fall into place as you wish, if you want them to. You have the power to make the life you want.

16. Pushing yourself when no one else will, will keep you motivated and moving in a clear direction. Even if you’re not sure what path you’re traveling down, being busy tends to lead to exceptional experiences.

17. Say your opinions. Be honest and don’t let others talk down to you about who you are or what you have done.

18. Try everything and anything. Sometimes it’s good to be the “Yes Man.”

19. This is, essentially, 2015. If you’re 21 and you don’t have a significant other, you better not be sweating it unless your doing some hard work on a treadmill. Don’t let others define you. Being in a relationship can be a great experience, but it’s not what should make or break your life experience. Successful relationships with others stem from honest relationships with yourself, which includes your needs, thoughts and feelings. Respond to those first and foremost.

20. Your mom will never stop calling or texting you to ask if you are eating enough, have money for laundry, got an annual flu shot or just to say “What’s new dear?” ­ And even though you’re kind of annoyed, you’re mostly really appreciative you have a mom who cares enough and manages to give those huggy feelings via your Motorola G.

21. Everything will be okay. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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