On Having Sex For The First Time (Again)

Carmen Jost
Carmen Jost

You never forget your first time. I don’t mean the first time you have sex, I mean the first time you make love with someone. The first time you feel another’s orgasm as a response to your touch. The first time you actually fuck someone.

Those first times. Sex, even for those of you who have more, ahem… vanilla inclinations, are destined to experience a first periodically. The body you’ve felt for years suddenly feels hot to the touch between your thighs. He tastes a different hue of sweet on your tongue as his limbs gently relax around your body. Those whispers that you may have heard time and time again suddenly set your skin aflame.

Perhaps you get off on sleeping with strangers. The spontaneity of such a pleasure inevitably gives way sooner or later. But, this time is different. This time you are nervous and your skin is cooled with goosebumps as you muse what this stranger’s last name could be. This time you find yourself enamored with his sex. It isn’t who he is; it is who he could be. When he falls prey to your eroticism, you feel a sense of victory. The pride of a female hunter who came to kill and left him pleading your name.

For those of you who are attached, I challenge you to seek a heightened level of intimacy with your partner. For those of you who are uncommitted, I challenge you to treat your next as if they were your last. Revel in your sexuality; fuck like it’s your first. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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