Read This When It Feels Like The Universe Doesn’t Have Your Back

We always want to feel that someone is on our side. That someone is supporting us, rooting for us, and helping us along. Many times, we want to feel like the universe does.

We are comforted and happy when we feel that things are going our way. We look for this in all aspects of life. Love, career, friendships, family.

Right now, is not one of those times.

It’s normal to have a bad day, couple days, even weeks. When that trend starts to go toward months, and a year, is when there is a problem.

No matter how hard you try, you feel like you can’t get ahead. Like you’re drowning, and there is no where to come up for air. You’re not sure what you did to piss off the universe, but it seems like you are definitely on her bad side. You try to be a decent person. You feel like you’re an okay friend. Not a half-bad sister. Try to be the best daughter you can be. Show up and give work your best. But, no matter how much you try, you constantly get pushed down.

You feel like you’ve hit your lowest point, and then you get kicked when you’re down. You feel alone. Scared. Sad. Angry. Frustrated. Hopeless.

Where do you go from here? Is there a way out? Is there a way to get back on the good side?


Each day you need to make a choice. You wake up. You get out of bed. You put a smile on your face. You fight back and keep trying. Yes, you want to stay in bed all day. Yes, you want to give up. That pity party you are throwing yourself sounds like the most fun you’ve had in a while. But, what would happen if you do? People will worry. People won’t understand. You’d let down your friends and family. The people who care about you and support you.

Deep down, you’d be letting yourself down too.

When you feel like the universe doesn’t have your back, think back. Think about how much you’ve been through. Now, look at it a different way. Think about how much you’ve grown through. You’ve been through (and feel like you are still going through) hell. You’ve been through more than you ever thought you’d go through in your life. You’re lost. You still aren’t sure how you’re going to get through it all.

But, you will.

When you feel like the universe doesn’t have your back, be understanding. Be patient. You can’t blame the universe. You want to. But you can’t. Everything the universe is giving you during this time is for a reason. To teach you, and mold you. To help you get to where you need to be. To introduce you to the people who will make a lasting impact on your life.

When you feel like the universe doesn’t have your back, think about how much you’ve learned.

When you feel like the universe doesn’t have your back you need to be angry. You need to use that anger to fuel you to keep going. To keep pushing, and fighting to get through it all.

When you feel like the universe doesn’t have your back, ask for help. You don’t want to. And you think you don’t need it, and that no one will understand. But, ask anyway. Ask for advice, or a hug. Ask to just talk, or get dinner. Ask to borrow $10 for your medicine. Swallow your pride, and ask.

Look how far you’ve come. Look at how much you’ve figured out. Look at how many days you made it through when you thought it was impossible.

When you feel like the universe doesn’t have your back, have your own back.

Keeping it real, and positive, no matter what life throws at me.

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