When You're Feeling Lonely, Read This

When You’re Feeling Lonely, Read This

To the girl who is feeling lonely,

It’s okay. You’re doing great. Your loneliness doesn’t make you any less of a person. If doesn’t make you sad or pathetic. It makes you human.

Your loneliness means you are growing. It means you are feeling. Feeling doesn’t always happen.

You are lonely because you are out of that toxic relationship. You are lonely because you didn’t settle. You are lonely because you are waiting for the right person.

Your loneliness is another season of your life. A season worth celebrating. Embrace it. Find ways to know yourself. To love yourself. Create and discover. You don’t need a significant other in your life to be complete. You don’t need a “better half.” You are the better half. You are complete. You need someone to enhance your life. You need a partner. An equal.

Being lonely means you have opportunity. Opportunity to meet new people. To meet yourself. To rediscover who you are and what makes you you. An opportunity to find your passion. To reignite the fire within you that so many people love.

Being lonely means you get comfortable with being uncomfortable. You learn to accept that there are going to be hard days and sad days. You have nights where you cry. Nights where you feel pathetic. You have nights that you feel desperate and almost—almost—swipe right on anyone who may match with you.

You’re going to have the thoughts that you aren’t good enough. You’re going to question why you aren’t lovable. But you’re also going to learn to ignore those thoughts. You are going to learn that those thoughts aren’t true. You are going to learn that you are lovable. And more than enough. You need to believe it before someone else can.

You will learn that your loneliness is a strength. Not everyone can be lonely and thrive in it. You are not letting it get the best of you. You are not letting it overcome you. You are living your life. Your best life. You are improving your life. You are transforming and becoming the best version of yourself. You are preparing yourself to allow someone in. To allow someone to really know you, respect you, and appreciate you.

To the girl who is feeling lonely: Forgive yourself. Have compassion for yourself. Love yourself. What advice would you give a friend who is feeling lonely? Listen and live by that advice.

You are worthy. You are so, so worthy of love. Of happiness. Of all that life has to offer.

Be patient. Timing is everything. The universe has big plans for you. It’s easy to be impatient. But, you are stronger than that. You need to get through the storm. The reward will be so worth it.

Don’t give up. Don’t stop fighting. Don’t stop feeling. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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