20 Hard Truths I Learned When I Reached My 20s

20 Hard Truths I Learned When I Reached My 20s
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1. Stress will always be a part of your life.

Keep a healthy balance when things start to get busy. Don’t make work, exams, or papers as an excuse to miss out on celebrations, nights out, or get-togethers with friends and family because eventually, it will become a habit. Stress will pass; memories won’t.

2. It is time to reduce expectations—of people, relationships, and the future.

You can always plan out months or even years before and you can always hope for the best. But you must also remember that things won’t constantly go your way and it’s something you must learn to live with. You must believe all things happen for a greater purpose and understand that it will take time. Don’t worry—it will get better.

3. Find good, honest, and understanding friends that you can turn into family.

These are the people that go past weekend nights out. These are the people your family invites over for Sunday night dinners. These are the people who bring out the best in you and will always fight for you. Once you have found them, keep them and don’t ever take them for granted.

4. Stop wasting your time trying to change people who don’t want to change.

No matter how deeply you care about them, it is a decision that is entirely theirs, and sometimes (or most of the time), love will never be enough of a reason.

5. You will NEVER be your parents.

Stop thinking you have to take up medicine because both parents are doctors. You have a pen to write your story; it’s not a photocopy. Live to create your own greatness, own up to your choices, and blaze your own trail. You are your own person.

6. There is no reason to dwell.

Rise above the pain. Rise above the anger. Rise above the hurt. Once you do, only then will you be able to open your heart, find again the good in the world, and fall back in love with life.

7. Humility is a color we all should wear.

Never be ashamed of the mistakes you made. People will always appreciate those who are honest enough to acknowledge and correct their shortcomings.

8. Stop being divisive.

In a world of many contradictory beliefs and opinions on issues, stop shaming others. There is no use in losing a friendship over an argument. Rather, engage in discourse, understand, and educate but never degrade.

9. Reassurance is the gold mine of every relationship and friendship.

Take a few minutes out of your day to send a simple text or to make a call (heck, send an emoji or GIF) to the people you care about. One simple act goes a long way.

10. Never abuse someone’s patience.

Don’t give people a reason to leave. By the time you realize their impact in your life, it will be too late. You can’t come chasing after them once they are already done with you. So while you still have people that stick by you, appreciate them.

11. Never forget how important your self-worth and dignity are.

Stop giving the wrong people control over your decisions in life. Remember who you are and who you want to become, because only you can get yourself there.

12. Risk big and risk hard.

Not everything will be worth it, but everything merits a chance. In the end, no matter what the result may be, the important thing is that you took a leap of faith for someone or something and I think we all deserve that.

13. Stop making bad timing an excuse.

There will never be good or bad timing. If you see something or someone you want, go for it wholeheartedly. Whether it’s a new job or a new relationship, stop running away. There is never a right time to be 100% ready, but there is also no time like the present.

14. Letting go isn’t about forgetting the past.

Letting go is moving forward with all those memories as a part of you to remind you that you are stronger than all your past choices and that things get better with time. And when you do let go, it does not mean you’re giving up; it’s acknowledging the fact that you don’t deserve the pain you’re going through. You deserve better.

15. No one has the same end goal.

Don’t rush and don’t pressure yourself with other people’s success. They will graduate ahead of you and they will get jobs ahead of you but that’s okay. Set your pace, work towards your goals, and keep moving forward.

16. Be wise with second chances.

Always keep in mind the concept that history has and will always repeat itself. Don’t be the reason why people do you wrong the second time around. Know your worth.

17. You are enough.

Don’t you ever think you need a relationship to be complete. You are amazing on your own, and you can accomplish just as much when you are in a relationship. But if you are in a relationship, be with someone who you can grow and achieve dreams with, not someone you have to watch grow up.

18. Keep your word.

Stop making promises you can’t keep, especially when things get rough. There is nothing more respectable than the people who keep their word no matter the circumstance.

19. Listen to the people that matter.

If they can’t contribute to your holistic well-being, let them go. You do not need any negativity in your life. The people that care for you will be the ones that bring you the cold truth simply because they know it’s what you need to hear.

20. Be happy for the friends that have found their own happiness, even if you are no longer a part of it.

Some people will move on with their lives without us whether we like it or not, and that is something we have to accept. Let’s just hope that it’s for the best and it’s what’s right. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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