Your Feelings Are Not Facts

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People who feel things very deeply try to explain why they are feeling something a certain way. From the moment they wake up and feel something like guilt for example. Palms are getting sweaty, there’s tightness in the chest, and there’s dryness in the mouth.

Then starts the endless journey of overthinking by trying to figure out what crime you’ve committed so that you have something to blame the feeling on rather than accepting the feeling for what it is—something that simply comes and goes and presents little useful information about who you really are as a person and the things that you will do at the span of the day.

Your feelings are feelings, not facts. Feeling sadness doesn’t make you a negative or pessimistic person. Feeling emptiness doesn’t make you insignificant to the world. Feeling loneliness doesn’t mean that you aren’t loved or a person who’s less deserving of affection and human connection.

You have to slowly learn that feelings are simply experiences as they are not happening to you but rather they are simply happening. You have to slowly learn how to notice your feelings and see how some of them are very deceptive. You have to slowly learn how to indirectly respond to them as you continue on doing your thing.

Hello there suicidal feelings, it’s okay. I don’t mind you being here, but I’ll just keep moving forward and live my precious life.

Perhaps being mindful about feelings is easy for some and difficult for the many and that’s okay. The power of observing your feelings takes lots of practice, but eventually, you’ll get to the point where you just have to accept that sometimes you feel happy or sad just because you feel happy or sad. If we had complete control over our emotions, we’d be happy all the time, but that’s not the way we’re designed as human beings. We’re designed to simply experience every feeling there is, and just like the piano the white keys and the black keys create beautiful music together, and sometimes we’ll make some mistakes, and that’s okay. Because life is not a song, it is simply as it is. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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