Here’s Why Being Average Is Absolutely Okay

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Validation is one hell of a drug that destroys the way people grow in their own unique ways.

Here’s the thing: People hate average. The You Can Be Extraordinary hype, and the desire to become constantly better in many aspects of one’s own life is everywhere: in social media, advertising, and everything we see in this digital age that colors the world with cheerfulness to sell things that we may not even need to become an okay enough person.

There’s this unwanted panic in being in the middle instead of being at the top or near the top of what you want to excel in. There’s this false sense of security in knowing that we’re not statistically average in a certain area in life. But then there’s this false sense of danger in knowing that we’re statistically average in a certain area in life. It’s the mentality of perfection that causes people to be unhappy with what they have accomplished because others are living so much better than they are.

But try to look at things this way: Being average doesn’t mean settling. Being average doesn’t mean that you’re going to stop doing anything with your life. Being average still demands you to step out of your comfort zone from time to time.

I’m just saying that don’t over exhaust yourself for not being perfect because nothing’s perfect. And being average is still unique. Being average is still beautiful. Being average is still normal. And being average should never define your self-worth because you are very talented in other parts of life. In things you may or may not have discovered yet. And it’s okay not to be good at everything because it’s simply impossible to be good at everything.

And by accepting that not everything you do will be perfect, you can slowly learn how to be grateful for the moments that are. And it takes courage to keep an average, simple life going.

For you are so wonderfully enough and to remain kind to yourself in a world that’s constantly telling you that you aren’t is where your true satisfaction lies. In your ability to own up to yourself.

We’re all just flowers that will someday decay, and some flowers do compete with each other too much, and that’s why they wither.

So step back. Breathe deeply. And see, feel and know that your one precious life is okay enough. For that, itself is a lovely thing to appreciate. TC mark

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