If You Cannot Find Your Passion, Then Create Yourself

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What if I don’t have any passion?

It’s a question that some individuals who lack activities they are passionate about ask every now and then when they see people around them doing their own thing. It’s a question that makes some people feel like their life lacks meaning or purpose for there is nothing they can engage in to nurture their own creativity in order to achieve excellence.

So many of these people feel as if they are destined to live a life that’s directed to absolute nothingness, but that’s not the case.

The answer to the question is simple: If you cannot find your passion, then create yourself.

You have yourself to begin with and a flexible amount of time to work on yourself. To bring style to your character—that’s the greatest work of art that you’ll ever do. You don’t need to try to be marvelous for you already are. You don’t need something that will attract attention from others to discover that you already are excellent. And you don’t need someone who will tell you that you’re a museum filled with art for you already are a place filled with song, poetry, and beauty.

Not every work of art is something that a person can behold. Not every work of art is a poem or a painting or a book or a building. You need to accept the possibility that creating yourself is the work of art of your life, and for that reason, you cannot be touched, seen or tasted but only felt as you create your life just as an artist creates a beautiful work of art. And there are infinite ways to create yourself for you are unique. Your gifts and talents cannot be compared to anyone else on this planet for you create yourself for yourself alone.

And realizing the greatness you’ve created for yourself is the greatest reward there is even if the world doesn’t take notice of how much you’ve become more of who you already are. And you are like any other form of art—a work in progress and something that radiates excellence from within. TC mark

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