10 Ways To Cope When The Sunday Scaries Hit

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It’s the end of another beautiful weekend. The sun is slowly setting and the sunflowers are slowly dropping their heads in despair. Perhaps it’s raining and that makes it more bearable for some people and more tragic for others. You’re sitting down on the sofa perhaps watching television or cramming for your assignment.

I remember my days as a high school and college student and labeled it as “The End of the World Feeling.” The Sunday Scaries is perhaps one of the loneliest feelings especially for people who are stuck with a job they don’t like doing or studying for a course that their parents forced them in and feel very doubtful for where their future is headed.

Here are some powerful tips to cope with the Sunday Scaries:

1. Plan Something Special

Planning something special on a Sunday evening and making it your new Friday night will help reduce feelings of depression and anxiety for the week to come. Start a ritual that makes Sunday evenings fun like going out with your partner for a romantic date at a fancy restaurant. Or going out with your friends to watch a funny movie. You’re more likely to feel anxious about Monday if you’re not doing anything on a Sunday night.

2. Talk To Your Loved Ones

Express to them that you’re feeling down and you might find that the feeling is usually mutual. It’s always good to have someone who understands.

3. Listen To Sad Music

It may seem counterproductive but listening to songs that are sad may help you get through the pain of the Sunday Scaries. Feeding your blues with other forms of art like poems, movies, or pictures will help you feel less alone in what you’re feeling.

4. Create Something In Your Mind To Look Forward On Monday

It may be simple as to meeting your best friends or having the chance to ask your crush on a date. Plan something, anything, to make the best out of the weekdays.

5. Sidelines

Do something special over the course of weekdays like creating poetry, blogging or having a ballet class every Tuesday and Thursday night. Specialness isn’t only reserved for the weekends.

6. One Day At A Time

Just take it one day at a time. It somehow gets easier after Wednesday.

7. Find Your Real Passion

This is for people stuck with jobs they don’t like or love. Professional destiny is just as important as romantic destiny. Brainstorm about your passions while you’re on the job because doing the right job that fuels you with purpose is just like being in love. It gives your life so much meaning. Don’t be 100% driven by your immediate need for money.

8. The Sunday Evening Feeling Isn’t Just For Sundays

The Sunday Scaries I think is a wake-up call to pursue what we really would like to do with our everyday lives because there is this lingering, stinky feeling that time is running out. Sunday evenings are a sign that we don’t need to be unhappy for Mondays once we get a good grip on what we really would like to do while there is still time. It is for us to reunite ourselves with a purpose that we still have yet to unearth. The search for passion and the love of work is an everyday thing.

9. Make Sunday Your Mental Health Day

Schedule an appointment with a counselor/psychologist/psychiatrist every Sunday night especially if you’re living with mental illness. There is nothing to be ashamed of. It will help you reframe your mind and lessen your anxiety once you set things in perspective with your trusted brain professional.

10. If All Things Fail

It’s okay. Grab a bottle of beer or wine and drink it all away. Know deep in your heart that Friday will always be there to bring back joy, peace and rest into your life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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