To The Girl I Replaced So Soon

You know that feeling when your boyfriend just got out of a relationship and you have been out of a relationship for only 4 months, and in a span of 1 month you were already together.

Well people judge you, thinking you might have stolen him from another girl, that poor girl who’s heart was broken because some other “bitch” tried to steal him from her and succeed.

There are always 2 sides of the story; it is always up to you who to believe. And this… this is my side.

To the girl I replaced.

Well, here I am.

Right where you were, right beside him.

Your “babe” the one you thought was your “forever”.

Well to my surprise I didn’t know I could find any one like him, as sweet as gentle as he is. Don’t get me wrong. Everything comes with a price and if getting him was my prize id spend every dollar I have. I didn’t get him from you; he chose to let go on his own. And your action speaks louder than your words that you forgot him more often and go out every night clubbing and drinking with friends.

And if wandering around would makes you think he’ll come back, well think again. Yes, you have your glory. The signified vow you have to each other to be there till the very end. All efforts were made and sweet words were said, but time passes by and you learn to lie and put up with the “no speaking” game every time you fought.

You had him at his best; you appreciated him, some of the time. But I had him at his worst and
I’ve fixed his heart. I sewed it and glued it all in one piece. Though there are broken lines and missing pieces, I will make sure no harm could be done again.

Don’t worry; I’ll take good care of him. Like you never did. I’ll respect his decisions and try to understand him even when I don’t. Because that’s what its like to love, the real love he deserves.

Thank you, for taking care of him while I was just on the way to meet him. Thank you for making him happy.

But it’s my turn now. And I’m sure this love, will be my forever with him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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