This Is What The Aftermath Of An Abusive Relationship Looks Like

Trigger warning: this article contains sensitive content involving abuse.
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Things are never going to be the same for you; face it.

You can no longer play fight with your new partner without flinching. You can no longer have rough aggressive sex with your partner because as soon as they place their hand anyway near your throat, you get flashbacks and your anxiety panics. You can no longer do the things you love near them because you fear that the second they get a chance to they will criticize you.

Things are never going to be the same for you; face it.

Although, it took you eight months just to find the strength to get out of that shit hole. You are still living and breathing in your last relationship. It’s hard for you to let the new person you’re with in. You know they haven’t done anything to you, for you to not trust them. You know it’s not fair, but the abuse wasn’t fair either. They are the sweetest person you know, but you just can’t. Being in a new relationship after an abusive one feels like you’re trying to fight the earth’s gravity; overall impossible.

Things are never going to be the same for you; face it.

You will constantly find yourself apologizing for things you have no reason apologizing for. You will ask yourself and God what is it you did to deserve this hurt? You feel like you’re in a dark room trying to find the door out. You close your eyes and try to remember the person you were before you met your abuser. Do you see you? The happy you that didn’t give a shit about anything the world threw at you. The happy you that got lost in the things you loved doing. Yes, I remember her too.

Things are going to be the same for you; face it. TC mark

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